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  1. The steps of the handmade dog lantern are as follows:
    Mudit preparation: lanterns with lighting device, puppy template, cardboard.
    1. Prepare a lantern stick, then draw the shape of the puppy on the manuscript paper, and then engraved it on two blue cardboard.
    2. Cut off the puppy on the two blue card paper and engraved the stars with a pen knife, so that two puppies with star pattern are obtained.
    3, then take a piece of cardboard about 10cm as the side panel of the lantern to use it to combine two blue card paper puppies.
    4. Finally, the lamp paper on the inner side of the puppy with a star pattern is equipped with a lantern stick, so that the year of the dog is completed by hand.
    The practice of other innovative lanterns is as follows:

    Material preparation: color color card paper, cotton thread, pencil, scissors, rubber stick, a circular object.
    1. Use a circular object to draw a round shape on the paper paper.
    2, then cut it down and fold it slightly to get a semicircle.
    3, multi -folding some card paper material semi -circular, then apply glue on it, paste the two together, then fold the cotton rope and paste it directly to the middle.
    4. Paste a semi -circular object. At the same time, the hanging cotton rope is put on the knot, and the excess part is cut off, and the small lantern is made.

  2. As soon as the Lantern Festival arrived, the lantern was popular. If you have time, it is also a good idea to make a lantern by yourself. If you can't do the "big blocks" sold on the street, you can't find any materials such as steel wires and steel plates, then use bamboo strips, rice paper, and pen and ink to make a simple paper lantern. The materials and processes of hand -made paper lanterns are very simple. They can both design their favorite patterns and add a lot of fun to the festival.
    The first step, make skeleton. The simple shape of the paper lantern is a cube or cylindrical body. It is best to use the bending bamboo branches or bamboo skin to form a framework. If it is not easy to find, the slender hard cardboard and the bamboo sticks for barbecue can also be lacking, but the strong degree and flexibility will be lacking, but it is also a very good decoration in the room.

    Step 2, make the light body. Buy a few pieces of white, red ordinary rice paper or sprinkled gold rice paper in the four treasure shops of the Wenfang, and cut into the pattern of the lantern skeleton. Calligraphy, painting, and paper cutting can all show their style on the small lanterns. After being good, you can also use the narrow strip of imitation paper upper and lower edges, which look more elegant, much like an ancient palace lamp. If you are not good at calligraphy and painting, there is a simple way for reference. Use a piece of paper to draw the words you want on the post, and then overlap this thin paper and dark red rice paper together, and dig the handwriting with a single -edged blade. Remove the thin paper, and the hollowed handwriting appeared on the red propaganda paper. Use white rice paper to make the light body, the red mission paper pastes inside, and the candlelight or light is mapped from the hollow area. The effect is quite beautiful.

    The third step, make light sources. If you put it indoors, you only need to order a ordinary candle in the lantern; if you want to carry it out, it is best to use the light bulbs and batteries to make a simple circuit. Maybe it looks a little rough, but click on the Lantern Festival to order a lanterns made of your own hand, and you will definitely have a flavor!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    If you want to make a more distinctive lantern, you must refer to the practice of several lanterns:

    **************************************************************************************************** nI. Materials: Any paper can be made of the materials of the light light, but it is best to select materials that are dense, lighter, and not easy to fire. For example: translucent paper.

    . Design ideas (the three -dimensional map of the design of the painting): The design concept must be taken into account

    1 The center of gravity of the sphere: try to avoid the design of the center of gravity from deviating the design of the vertical center line, do not do not. During the lifting process, the fire source burned to the sphere.
    2 appearance, Mei Shi, surface processing: If the shape design is asymmetric shape, you must notice the position of the fire source and the center of gravity.
    3. The weight of the sphere is from the sources of fire: The weight of the sphere is related to lift and the size of the lift determines the temperature of the air and the size of the sphere. The sphere is too heavy and the fire source is not suitable.

    . Manufacturing procedures:
    1. Calculating the size of the volume of the lamp body and the size of the division expansion (Figure 2).

    2 Use these expansion size to cut the model with thick cardboard.
    3 The skin of the sample cutting is used.

    4 adhesion:

    (1) There are two types of adhesion:

    (A) Overlapped adhesion method: On the surface of the ball.
    . (Figure 5)

    (2) Sticking steps:

    (A) First use two pieces as a unit to bond.
    (b) Repeat (a) adhesion steps until the shape is completed.

    5. Install the source of the lamp: It is made of fine wire or thick paper plate to stick to the bottom of the lamp body, and the fuel barrel made of aluminum foil or lighter aluminum tank is installed on the base. (As shown in Figure 7)

    6. Test its stability: Blow the lamp body with a hair dryer, test its stability, and test whether there are holes. (Figure 8)

    7. Painting and coloring. (Figure 9)

    . The lift program:
    The method of making the Kongming lamp is very simple, but it is greatly affected by the venue and the weather when it is lift. When the wind is large, it is easy to blow the lamp body and burn the lamp body. It is easy to wet the lamp body when it rains, so it is best to put it when it is free of wind.

    1 1. Open the lamp body first, and control the line on the bottom with the bottom. (Figure 10)

    2. Filling fuel.
    3. After ignition, the air intake is lowered to reduce the loss of heat, but it should not be too low, so as to avoid insufficient oxygen and turn off. At the same time, the control line of the surroundings must be straightened. (Figure 11)

    4. Heating until the temperature of the heat in the lamp body is sufficient, the surrounding control line is slowly loosen to maintain the stability of the lamp body, and the control line at the bottom must control the light body to rise. Speed ​​and height. (Figure 12)

    5. After lift the sphere, it can control its height and direction, or it can be freely floating.

    ********************************************************************************************** ****************
    The method of making paper gourds is very complicated. You must have patience to make it.
    The paper gourd is mainly composed of external colored paper, the middle paper stick, the line on the top, and the paper color bar at the bottom. Color paper is the main part of paper gourd. It is composed of two parts: "lower seat" and "upper". "The lower seat is 27 cm long and 8 cm wide (what I am talking about is the size of the medium gourd); it is 20 cm in length and 8 cm wide. The crease on the color paper is" pushed "with a knife." Push. "Paper is a skilled work. It is not allowed to grasp the size of the size, but we can set up a new hand on the table, and then prepare a 7mm thick chopsticks. When you catch the paper Before the gear set on the table, use a paper knife to decline along the chopsticks. When the paper prints at the paper print, the chopsticks are lifted. The knife, the work of the color paper for a while is completed, it can be used for three or four sheets.
    mades the technical requirements of the pillars in the middle of the paper gourd: the diameter is between 8--10 mm and 120 mm. The material is material. The material is material. You can use reed sticks, straw straws, paper rolls. You can use color paper ears on one end (100 mm long, cut into 80 mm colorful note, leave 20 mm paste on one end of the pillar), put on the other end to put on it on the other end, put on the other end to put on it on the ends of The red color line is for the gourd.
    When the seat is paste, the color paper is pasted and paste the paper tube, because there is a seal on the color paper, and the small tube is already a small tube. It is also wiped with a naphina to make it difficult to separate. When you are confused, you start to paste at 20 mm on the pillars, because the ends have been confused into a small tube. At this time There are 50 millimeters of confusion, and now it will be good. It ’s so confused on the top, but one end on the top is sticking to the puppet, and the other ends are sticking to 20 mm. Use. In this way, the gourd is made.

    It hope to help you!

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