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  1. Many students who like pets actually do not treat dogs as animals, but take care of them like their friends and relatives. So many times I hope to give them the best living conditions. Therefore, it is common to wear clothes for dogs. Especially girls, the mentality of dressing for dogs is the same as the desire to give themselves or to children. Dogs represent yourself to some extent. Today, I recommend dogs and dogs handmade DIY production tutorials for everyone. I hope to help everyone ~

    The new year is coming. We can remember to add a new New Year's clothes to the dogs. Dogs are our best partners. They use their cuteness and naughty to bring us laughter and soothing, and accompany us through another New Year. Therefore, of course, you must also make a princess rabbit dress for your baby. For New Year gifts.

    1. Cut the back and abdomen according to the size of the dog.

    2. Open a small hole on the top of the back film. You can pass through the traction rope when you bring the dog out.

    . There is another small piece of cloth in it, sutured at the opening of the back. It is best to lock the edges. This is stronger and it is not easy to rot.

    4. A heart -shaped cloth on the back decorates the car with the lace on the back.

    5. The bottom of the abdomen is put on a loose band from the inside, which can make the dog's abdomen more fit, and will not run around on the body.

    6. This is the effect of viewing positive after doing it.

    7. Switch the back and abdomen.

    8. The positive effect after sewing.

    9. Now start making a hat, cut two pieces first, and then together.

    10. Cutting four cute ears out. In order to increase the thickness, these four pieces are best to blanch a layer of paper in it, so that it is hard enough, and it will not be too soft.

    11. Pay attention to the details here. In order to make it, the effect is very effective, and another layer is added in the middle.

    12. This is the effect of sewing.

    13. On the other hand, a bright line on the front of the car is about 1cm on the front, which will look more detailed.

    14. Make a other ear in the same way.

    15. Two ears carts are sutured at both ends of the middle line.

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