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  1. Generally, civil infringement. If the value of the dog is too high and cannot be accompanied, it is the crime of intentionally damaging property. In accordance with the law, the moral standards are temporarily not to say that a stray dog ​​is killed, then there is no guilt, because the dog is not a private property, just when it is an ant on the roadside The team is the same. Suppose it is a dog from someone else's house, that is a private property, or a legal responsibility. Assuming that the dog bites you for no reason, even if it is defensive, you can hold the dog's responsibility.
    This dogs who kill other people's house belong to the intentional destroying the property of others and suspected of intentionally destroying the property. Those who deliberately destroy public and private property, with a small amount and a lighter plot are general illegal acts. If theft, fraud, grabbing, robbing, extortion, or intentional damage to public property should be followed by more than five days. The detention of less than 10 days can be fined below 500 yuan; if the circumstances are heavier, detention is required for more than 10 days and less than 15 days. (The so -called "serious circumstances" generally refers to destroying or damaging important items, which are seriously lost; the means of destruction or damage to public and private property are particularly harsh; the motivation for marriage and disaster, etc.) If there is a large or other serious circumstances, it will be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or fine for less than 3 years; if there is a huge amount or other particularly serious circumstances, it will be imprisoned for 3 years and 7 years.
    The expansion information: Law, pet dogs are personal private property and are protected by law according to law. Driven the pet dog was killed by the damage to public and private property. If the price of pet dogs is more expensive and the large amount is suspected of intentionally destroying public and private property, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law; Liability for civil compensation must be assumed.
    The legal basis: Article 275 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, deliberately destroyed public and private property, a large amount or other serious circumstances, shall be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or fine for less than three years; amount; amount Those who are huge or other particularly severe plots are sentenced to imprisonment for three or less.

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