1 thought on “How to compensate pet dogs in the law”

  1. Legal analysis: Determined according to the perpetrator's fault liability. If the owner of the pet dog is also faulty, it can reduce the liability of the perpetrator. There are relevant laws and regulations that damage the financial behavior of others. Pet dogs are calculated by private property. The killing of dogs is an infringement of private property. Those who deliberately damage the property of others are illegal. According to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, if it deliberately damages the property of others, it shall be restored and compensates for mandatory compensation. If the behavior causes serious losses of the victim, it shall bear all the responsibility. If the property involves public financial, it can be held criminally responsible if it causes bad consequences.
    The legal basis: If the "People's Republic of China Code" Article 1,665 of the perpetrators cause damage to the civil rights and interests of others due to faults, they shall bear the liability for infringement. It should be preserved in accordance with the law that the perpetrator is faulty, and if he cannot prove that he has no fault, he shall bear the liability for infringement.

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