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  1. Shanghai:
    1 million business flowers and bird markets. Liuhe Road, Tibet Road. There are many worms.
    2. Near the old West Gate, there is a Hualianji buying victory.
    3. Fengyang Road Flower and Bird Market. Near Chengdu Road in Fengyang Road. Half of flowers and birds are more flavorful.
    4. Cao'an Road Flower and Bird Market. There are more flowers and plants, and there are fewer birds buying birds. Geographical location: Located on the west side of Shanghai, not far from the Shanghai Western Western Workers' Cultural Palace. Antique vase jade, flowers, birds, fish and insects, dogs and cat pets. Starting from the cultural culture of Shanghai West, the taxi arrived at 15.00 yuan, and there were 63 buses in the back door of the West Palace. In addition: After the break, there is a stall on the door but the scale is not large. They all sell some small fish, which are leather bags
    5. Anlan Road Flower and Bird Market. Bird less
    6. People's Square Triangle Garden. There are more bird walking birds and buying their own birds
    7. Opposite Dongtai Road Antique Market, there are many birds, which is more flavorful 8. Golden Bridge Zaoyang Road Flower and Bird Market. Pudong Zaozhuang Road is close to Zhang Yang Road. The place is large, and the flowers and birds are half. (Demolition) 9. Pujian Road Flower and Bird Market. Pudong Yang Gao Nan Louis Chu Lotus 10. Flower and Bird Market in Yundai Road. On the road. Small and exquisite, half of the flowers and birds 11. Rainbow flower and bird market. Hongqiao Road, the zoo goes again (Hongqiao Flower Market, 718 Hongjing Road) 12. Jiangyin Road Flower and Bird Market. Jiangyin Road 13. 花 花. Pudong South Road and Pu San intersection 14. Basin Bridge Flower and Bird Market. (Zhoushan Road)
    15. Five -field flower and bird market. After the Atlantic Department Store, it is around the Pentagon. (Demolition) 16. Wanping South Road Flower and Bird Market. No. 88 Wanping South Road, Xuhui District, Wanping Road is near Zhaojiabang Road. Wanping Road Flower and Bird Market is a hundred meters south of Zhaojiabu Road, and the gate faces east, and the Baohua Oceanic Museum is along the street along Wanping Road. 17. Jiangyin flower and bird market. Geographical location: Huangpu District, Shanghai, near People's Square, Jiangyin Road, Nanjing Road, Huangpi Road. Antique vase jade, flowers, birds, fish and insects, dogs and cat pets. Line 1 of Metro, the terminal of each bus line (112,123,145, Suidao Third Line, etc.)
    18. Fengyuan Flower and Bird Market. Near Zhongxing Road, Tibet Road, Zhabei District. . 19. Lan Linghua Bird Market. On Longzhou North Road, near Shanghai Botanical Garden, Longchuan North Road/Luo Cheng Road (not far from Shanghai South Station, bus 720,111,847 can be reached).
    20. No. 520 Caoyang Road or No. 225 Wuning Road is located in Putuo District, Shanghai, which is very close to the famous large -scale store Carrefour Wusing Store. There are nearly 30 large and small aquariums in the Shanghai West Workers' Culture Palace. Stamp coins, flowers, birds, fish insects, dogs and cat pets. With the people's square as the starting point, Wuning New Village 36. Light rails to Cao Yang, 44,923,63,62, 562, etc., etc., Sanquan Road Baode intersection. 21. Guangyue Road Building Materials Market. 22. Sanquan Road Baode intersection. 23. Jinjiang Paradise --- Meilong Flower Bird Market. Transportation: Go in Zhongxi Road.
    24. New Ten Steel Flower and Bird Market. Triumph Road Anshun Road. 25. Mudanjiang Road Fish City. At the back door of Wusong Hospital. Take route 116. 26. 锦 锦 2 2. On Pudong South Road, the Nanpu Bridge is down. 27. Qinzhou Road Fish City. Qinzhou Road No. 639 (near Tianlin Road) is located in Xuhui District, Shanghai, which is close to the famous 80,000 people stadiums. Antique vase jade, flowers, birds, fish and insects, dogs and cat pets. From the people's square departure point, the subway line 1, under the field of Tianlin, walk for 10 minutes. Starting at the 80,000 people stadium in Shanghai, the taxi starting price is 10.00 yuan.
    28. A private store in Minhang. Opposite Dongchuan Road Chitai Plaza 29. Yishuai and Bird Market. (Newly built, quite big), Bei Ai Road near Yanggao Road 30. On the steel flower and bird market. Near Lingyan Road, Chengshan Road. )
    31. Shangnan flower and bird market. Shangnan Road is near Yang Si. 32. Central flowers and bird markets. Next to Weifang Second Village. 33. Longmen aquarium. (Wholesale) under Hengfeng Road Bridge, No. 71 Hengfeng North Road. Cheng Hao's old nest on Tianmu Road.
    34. Benxi Road Fish City (will be reopened in 2003/November). Located at Jiangpu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, at the intersection of Benxi Road. Antique vase jade, flowers, birds, fish and insects, dogs and cat pets. Take the People's Square as the starting point 123, 145, 145. 35. Wujiao, Heishan Road Fish City: Guohe Road No. 493. 36. Construction Gong Aquarium Market. No. 2507, Pudong Avenue. (Near Jugujiaqiao) Between Boshan Road, Zhangyang Road, Zaozhuang Road. I have a car that I have a good car. I only have the third line of the bridge, 787, 791, 772, and Chuanxie 37. Quyang Flower and Bird Market. (Now Reconstruction), near Quyang Jiale 38. Wen Temple Flower and Bird Market. Near Wen Temple 39. Hu Tai Road Flower and Bird Market. Address: No. 1010, Hu Tai Road (near Yichuan Road intersection), 702, 710, 58 (New Passenger Station on the bus), 845 Road (New Passenger Station on the bus), 529 Road, 767 Fish Market Overview: Entering the market The first small shops I saw, about 8 to 9, 3 to 4 of which are mainly tropical fish and goldfish. If you look closely, you sometimes find it unexpectedly. Of course, the good show was pulled behind, and after these small shops, two large fish shops were followed. The Yongfeng aquariums in Guangzhou and the Shanghai Hu Tai Aquarius wholesale. The flower and bird market of Shanghai Tai Road is mostly the wholesale department of the flowers and trees. If you want to buy flowers, trees, bonsai can also see 40. Xinjiang Yin Road market. On the nearby Wen Temple 41. Luochuan East Road Market. Near Luochuan Road, Xibaoxing Road.
    42. Changqiao flower and bird market. The road opposite Shanghai Middle School Shanghai Middle School. 43. New Flower Bird Market. Tianshan West Road. 44. New Yangpu Flower Bird Market. The intersection of Longchang Road River Road. `45. Chongde Road (Light Rail Station of near Jiangwan Town Station) 46. Handan Road (near Quyang Road 47. Fukuyama Road near Rushan Road 48. Tangshan Road 49. Guangyue Road Building Materials Market to 500 meters to South 500 meters and there is still One (together with one farmer's market) yq_ayit 50,000 business. Zhoujiazui Road Dalian Road 51. Zhoujiazui Road (opposite Wan Shang diagonal) 52. It seems that there is also a (Jing'an District) near Anhua Road (Jing'an District)

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