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  1. is the distribution of the flower and bird market in Shanghai
    1 The Flower and Bird Market (Demolition) in Shanghai (Demolition), a new
    2 Cao'an Flower Market Wu Ning Road No. 2207 20033
    3 seedlings and flower trading market Qinzhou Road No. 639
    4 Gubei Flower Market Hongqiao Road No. 1778 20033 (Demolition)
    5 Gulibei New District Flower Market No. 2 200336 200336
    6 Golden Bridge Flower Bird Market Pudong New District Zaozhuang Road No. 399 201206 (Demolition)
    7 Hongqiao Flower Market Hongjing Road No. 718 2011
    8 New Ten Steel Bird Market Kaixuan Road 1352
    9 Quyang Flower and Bird Market No. 570, No. 570 (Demolition)
    10 Radio and E -commerce Metropolitan Flower Market Wanping South Road 200030
    11 Benxi Road Flower Bird Market Jiangpu Road No. 1715 200093
    12 Rainbow Flower Bird Market Hongqiao Road No. 2374 Hongqiao Road No. 2374 (Hongjing intersection) 200335
    13 Meiyuan Flower Bird Market Pudong New District Fushan New District 49 Lane 200120
    .40 million business flower and bird market No. 405, Tibet South Road. In addition, there is also a
    15 Nanjing West Luqi Stone Antique Market Nanjing West Road No. 688 200041
    16 Pentagon Flower and Bird Market Guohe Road 200433
    17 Changqiao Flower Bird Market Luocheng Road 389 (near Longchuan North Road) 200231
    18 Luochuan Luochuan Flower Bird Market No. 81, Luochuan East Road 200072
    19 Jiaotong University Agricultural Science and Technology New Bridge Flower Park Flower Trading Center, Songjiang District, Matang Village, Songjiang District, Songjiang District 201612
    20 Jiangning Flower Bird Market Jiangning 595 Lane 200060 n21 Huajiao Hua Bird Bird Birds and Birds Market Guobu Road 200434
    22 Central Flower Bird Market Pu circuit No. 280 (Weifang Wucun) 200120
    23 Metropolis City Flower Port Tibet Middle Road, No. 518
    24 Xiyong Flower Aquatic Art Garden Shanghai West Cultural Palace ( Wuning Road No. 225) 200063
    25 Railway Shanghai Station Flower Bird Market Meiyuan Road No. 178
    26 Shanghai Flower Trade Center Manufacturing Bureau Road 130 200023
    27 Jiale Bird Market Wuyi Road No. 759 2011103 201103
    28 Yundai Flower and Bird Market Pudong New Area Yintai Road 200126
    29 Shanghai Flower Market Shanghai Pacific Road No. 1012
    30 Huihong Flower Bird Market East Station North Road, No. 612
    31 Evergrande Evergrande Huamu World Pudong New Area Guizhun Village Yejia No. 258
    32 Feng Green Flower Market Tibet North Road Zhongxing Road 200071
    33 Green Garden Flower Market Pudong New District Pujian Road 620
    34 Yunhui Flower Auction Center 200065
    35 Xinqiao Flower and Bird Market, Hongqiao Town, Xinqiao Road, No. 188, Xinqiao Town, Shanghai Road. N38 Jiangyin Road Flower and Bird Market Huangjiayu Road Anlan Road 200011
    39 Shanghai Xinzeyuan Flower and Gardening Development Co., Ltd. Cao'an Road 3006-3058 201812
    40 Xinjing Flower Market, Beixinjing Town, Changning District 200335
    41 Novel Flower Market Huaihai West Road No. 570 200052
    42 Anxi Flower Market Anxi Road
    43 Emethic Golden Bridge Gardening Supermarket Jinqiao Town, Pudong New District
    44 Eskawa Horticultural Supermarket Putuo District, Putuo District
    45 Shanghai Decoration Market Horticultural Supermarket No. 198
    46 Shanghai Ming Light Flower Market Pearl Light Rail Caoxi Road Station 200030
    47 Shanghai Spring Flower Bird Market Sanquan Road, No. 693 (Paude Road) 200435 r
    48 Wuding Road Flower Bird Market No. 1140 Wuding Road (No. 62 Wanchun Street)
    49 Longyang Road Flower Market Pudong Metro Longyang Road Station
    50 Meilong Flower Market Hongmean Road (Yimei Road bottom) 200237
    51 Flower and Bird Market No. 855
    52 also exhibits Flower Bird Market No. 1577 (Near Yang Gao South Road)
    53 Yellow Mountain Flower Bird Market Yunshan Road 886 (Zhang Yang Road)
    54 Shanggang Flower, on Pudong, on the mountain road [Shangnan Road and Changqing Road
    55 Jinye Flower, on the lower bridge of Nanyu Bridge, Nanyu Bridge of Pudong South Road in Pudong, Pudong South Road
    56 Cola Road, Changning District, Changning District n57 Cao Jiadu has a flower and bird market, on Wanhangdu Road
    58 Pudong Jinqiao Changdao Road (near Heze Road) market
    Hu Tai Road (near Yichuan Road) Flower and Bird Market (small);
    2) Shanghai Western Workers' Cultural Palace Flower and Bird Market (large);
    3) Novel Flower Bird Market (Anshun Road/Kaixuan Road) (Middle);
    4) Cao Anhua Bird Market (Wuning Road/Dadu River Road) );
    5) Xuhui Flower and Bird Market (Wanping South Road/Near Zhaojiabang Road) (small);
    6) Qinzhou Road Flower and Bird Market (near Tianlin Road) (Big);
    7) The flowers and bird market around the island (Pentagon/Near Heishan Road) (small);
    8) Quyang Flower Bird Market (on Quyang Road) (small);
    9) Fengyang Flower and Bird Market (on Fengyang Road) (small);
    10) New Ten Steel Flower and Bird Market (Anshun Road/Kaixuan Road) (middle);
    11) Jiangyin Road Flower and Bird Market (Jiangyin Road/ Huangpi Road) (Middle);
    12) Xinjiang Yin Road Flower and Bird Market (Anlan Road/Near Tibet South Road) (middle);
    13) Tibet Road Flower and Bird Market (near Dongtai Road) (Middle);
    14) Yangpu Park Flower and Bird Market (Longchang Road) (middle);
    15) Create Industry 006 Market (Pudong Avenue/Home Bridge Road) (Large);
    16) Huangshan Flower Bird Market (Yunshan Road/Zhangyang Road) (Small);
    17) Shangnan Flower Bird Market (Shangnan Road/Yongtai Road) (Middle);
    18) Yuntai Flower and Bird Market (Yundai Road/Changli Road) (middle);
    19 ) Shuanghuan Flower Bird Market (Pu circuit/Laoshan Road) (small);
    20) Oriental Road Flower and Bird Market (Pujian Road/Yang Gao Road, under construction) (middle).
    The "big, medium, and small" above is the scale of ornamental fish.
    Longchuan North Road, Changqiao Flower and Bird Market. Light rail to Shanghai South Railway Station passed for 10 minutes

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