1 thought on “How to get 20 pets in dnf”

  1. You can make up 20 pets in auction houses, malls, Xinyue Club, etc.
    The fastest way is to buy from the auction house, open the auction house to search for keywords: pet capsules, and then click one by one according to the expansion words.
    The mall: The mall can also buy two pets, namely Bobby, Golden Bobby.
    The Xinyue Club: Baidu Search Xinyue Club's official website, choose DNF game benefits, choose to recharge the rebate after entering, find the exclusive exchange of Xinyue, you can also exchange 12 pets.
    This glory garden to find exclusive pets. You can also redeem 6 exclusive pets.
    In on the eternal continent channel, players can get corresponding rewards through task upgrades. Among them, three pets can be received in level 60, 70, and level 80, respectively.
    It you can buy pet design drawings in the Olan NPC store, collect a specified material to get a pet.

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