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  1. Dogs can eat apples, chicken breasts, cooked egg yolks, bananas, carrots, peanut butter without salt, sugar -free yogurt, pumpkin, cooked salmon, Fan (red) potato, broccoli, oatmeal and other foods. In short, home -raising pet dogs are omnivorous animals. In addition to staple foods, they can feed some fruits, vegetables, meat
    eggs and meat. However, if the skeleton, it cannot be fed to the dog. The bones will be scratched and stuck on the gastrointestinal tract, causing various problems such as constipation, diarrhea, blood, and obstruction. Dogs should also pay attention to food. There are things that dogs cannot eat:
    First, onion and garlic, spicy food;
    , sweet chocolate and crab;
    the first Third, chicken bone, beef bone and greasy food.
    It when a dog eats, not everything is suitable for dogs

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  2. Meat is a dog's favorite food.
    The ancestors of the dog are eaten in the wild. However, if you feed meat at home, it is best to feed some foods with low fat content and high protein content. Secondly, it is a snack. Most of the snacks are also made of meat, dried meat, and some bone meal. Dogs are also preferred to eat.
    Puin dogs like to eat chicken liver, duck liver, but eating too much is not good for kidney. It is still possible to season. Dogs are carnivorous animals, and they love to eat with meat. The healthiest food of the dog is dog food and comprehensive nutrition.

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