4 thoughts on “Dogs are so cute. Why do some people hate dogs so much?”

  1. Some people like dogs and some people hate dogs, just like good or bad, good and evil in the world. Let's take a look at the wonderful answers of netizens first.

    The people who hate dogs are cold -blooded animals and things that are not as good as beasts! The dog is so cute, and the dog meat is so delicious. Someone hates them! Especially when refusing to eat dog meat, it is a storm! In the eyes of our food, the dog is a food given to humans God!
    Dogs are not only the most loyal friends of human beings during their lifetime, but they can also become a food for humans after death. Modern scientific test proves that every hundred grams of dog meat contains 14.5 grams of protein and 23.5 grams of fat, which is three times that of pork! It also contains trace elements such as vitamins and iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, chlorine! "Compendium of Materia Medica" also records that dog meat is "warm, can warm the stomach to drive cold, nourish yin and nourish blood, and strengthen the kidneys. Dog meat has been a good season for seasonal and old.

    The life of a dog is a great life! It is a lifetime of contributing to human beings! Is there any reason to hate them? Those who hate dogs are not as good as dogs!

    This places in dogs are really bothering! Intersection Intersection
    1. The dog is annoying, sometimes it disturbs the people, especially when you want to take a break;
    2. Rabies virus is scary.
    3. Some people do not like hairy animals. Animals with hair have animal properties;
    4. Bringing furniture and other objects in the home at home. Disassembled the house;

    5. I am annoyed by someone who loves dogs and raises dogs as people, so hate, you can offend people and not offend dogs;
    6. For those who eat and drink Lazar, sometimes do not talk about hygiene;
    7. Women do not raise large dogs, it is scary, and others are easy to say gossip.
    D classmates:

    Dogs are loyal friends of human beings. I like dogs without reason, just like I like someone. Dogs are loyal and cute. When you are happy, it will be happy with you; when you are sad, it will fight you, that's it, so that you have to love it and have to like it.
    I I don't know if everyone found out that under some cute pet articles, there are always some extremely extreme remarks, such as the following, I think this is not just "the dog was frightened when he was a child, he was bitten by the dog by the dog, and the dog was bitten by the dog. The dislike category such as wounds, as well as those "bow of dogs like dogs", are also particularly nauseous. Such people should not perform so much in reality, and I don't know if my understanding is wrong.

  2. Because dogs in some places are stray dogs, they have not received domestication for a long time, they are like wild dogs, and they have certain aggressiveness, and some dogs sometimes crazy and bite people because they do not have rabies vaccine. The news accidents have repeatedly appeared, which makes many people feel that dogs are terrible, and they hate dogs very much

  3. Because some dogs will go to public places for urination, they scream at night, and sometimes they even take the initiative to attack people. So some people hate dogs.

  4. Answer: I do n’t like dogs or personal preferences. Although dogs are cute, some people are still afraid of dogs. Just like snakes are terrible, but some people still like snakes, so they have something to do with personal preferences.

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