How to get close to the dog

1. The dog shakes the tip of the tongue and does not shout, is close to it or is it dangerous to touch it (strange dog)
2. If you want to use food to get close to the dog, what does the dog like to eat the most to eat?

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  1. Yorkxia (details introduction)
    I I believe that many people will first consider how to get close to their dogs after bringing the dog back. Indeed It becomes more convenient to take care. Of course, getting close to dogs also need to pay attention to methods, otherwise we may offend our dogs in unintentional. This is not what we want.

    . For dogs, someone strokes and sortes out the hair for it. It is comfortable. So to clean up the quilt for them regularly, and touch them a lot, and scratch their chin, it will make them feel comfortable.
    . Before trying to pick up the dog, you always have to speak to it and rest assured. If you are elusive for it, you should put it on it first. Then hold the dog's chest and forelimb, and hold his hips with the other hand. Then, squatted and embraced the dog to his chest. Keep your back straight. Hold the dog and hold it up. Tension dogs may need others to help suppress it. You must gently catch its head and speak to it. Dogs should be used to hug people from a young age, and should not break free. If you find that the dog starts to panic, put it down.
    . Be careful when you approach the dog, and the movement should be slow. First reach out to the horizontal surface of the face, let it squat and sniff. Do not press from top to bottom because this is a threat gesture. If the dog looks and friendly without obvious fear and signs of attacking people, you can touch it. Don't shoot its head, because this is a gesture.
    It can't be in a hurry to get close to your dog, because dogs need a process of trust in you. You must also master a certain method when you contact your dog. Attorney can better get along with them.

  2. 1 The big dog is not recommended to approach. The puppy can try it, but please be sure to prove it from the dog, let the dog familiarize your hand before touching your head. Remember not to touch it behind the dog, otherwise the dog will feel threatened and attacked. Essence Essence
    2 Dogs love to eat a lot of things, and different dogs are not exactly the same. If you are a pet dog, you can buy some small snacks like chicken strips to tease. If the dogs in the countryside are given some meat, it is very happy ~~~ But if you can, you can also use dog food to coax.

  3. Are you because you like dogs to be close to them? Do you really like dogs? Then my advice to give you first is to ignore all the previous answers, and then refer to what I tell you to do it (later others may have a more comprehensive answer, if you think it is scientific and reasonable, please refer to it)
    1, first of all It is very important. You must first judge whether the dog will like to contact you. Not all dogs like to be close to others. They are often afraid of dogs that are not familiar with. Essence A dog who likes to be close to others will be vigilant and confidently when they see strangers approaching. The approach movement must be slow and gentle. The dog will respond to you. If it shows the crazy barking, teeth, tail levels, stiffness, slow swing, and the front legs lying on their hops. You are the most. Okay to leave;
    2, do not look directly at its eyes (shaking the tail may not necessarily like you, the tail of the two dog fights is crazy) naturally stay next to it Large movement;
    3. If it does not show strong hostility, the palm of the palm is fists up in front of its eyes, so that it can see and smell your hand, and slowly open the hand to touch its neck and chest. Mao, if it shows acceptance, you can touch the back of your ears and the side of the neck finally stroking your head (don't touch your head directly, it is afraid or even attacking you because you can't see your hand. Slowly and gentle), then let it go (do not touch these sensitive parts of the dog's legs, tails and ears in the early stage)
    4, of course, dogs are the most likes meat, and they also love the snacks with milk flavor ( The amount should be less, so that they just taste the taste and cannot satisfy the best appetite.) Before feeding, the owner consent before feeding. These, if you like dogs enough, will soon be made with them. The reason why they can become an integral part of many families is because they know how to do it! Finally, I wish you a happy play with them

  4. If you are a strange dog, it is recommended that you still do n’t touch it, because you do n’t know if the dog has a vaccine and whether there is a germs or fleas on your body.
    This dogs like something that tastes, but not to eat more, it will lose hair.

  5. Shaking the tail is the performance of the dog's excitement
    The attack when the attack has a specific posture to scare the other person's eyes to see its eyes. Do not scare or hurt it
    You can buy some dog canned pet shops for sale

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