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  1. Preface: In daily life, if you want to raise a dog that is easy to get close, the breed of dogs is also more important. Most of the dogs are very cute, but some dogs are characterized. required. If you like dogs that are easy to get close, you can choose to raise golden retriever, because golden retriever is a very warm dog variety, and in daily life, not only can you help do some small things, but also take care of children. Golden retriever is a large dog. If it is a community or apartment, it is best to choose to raise a small dog. You can consider raising Teddy or Bomei. This kind of dogs are also very sticky and obedient in daily life.
    . It is easy to get close to daily life. It is better to choose a male dog because the male dog's learning ability and physical strength will be better than the bitch, and it will be more suitable to bring it out. The trouble, because the bitch also has a menstrual cycle and breeding puppies. If you usually go to work or are busy studying, you will be better to choose a male dog. If you want to increase income, you can choose a puppy for a puppy. There are many such dogs, it is best to choose a dog that is easy to take care of.
    . There are some dog hair with a part of personality characteristics. It is very troublesome to take care of it. You can choose according to your actual situation. There will be some differences in buying a dog's personality characteristics. It is best to choose the right one for yourself according to the actual situation. The poodle is very easy to train, with high obedience, and it is still not easy to get rid of hair. It is very suitable for raising people with less time.
    . The dog variety Chihua doll is a variety that many families prefer, because the reminder is relatively small, it is very convenient to take care of feeding, and it is easy to get close. It has a smart and brave personality characteristics. The bullfighting dog is also a good choice. Although the appearance looks fierce, the personality is very gentle, and it is very simple to raise. Just buy the appropriate dog food.

  2. How to choose a variety if you want to raise a dog that is easy to get close?

    Pets in life have always been loved by many people, because in this era of great work pressure, people's life rhythm is very fast. Or the girlfriend gathered together to tell the mind, and release the pressure in their hearts, so many people like to accompany themselves by raising a pet, so that they can find a trace of comfort in a busy life. However, many people have difficulty in facing a variety of pet dogs. They do not know what kind of pet dogs to choose. Many people want to choose a dog that is easy to get close, but they do not know which varieties are closer to people. In fact, this is also a good choice, because most pet dogs are very close to people.
    Of course, for novices who have raised pets, for whether they want to raise large dogs or small dogs, there must be a preparation to say that although it is recommended to raise a small dog, some people can raise it if they like large dogs.就小型犬而言对人很亲近的宠物狗一般都有八哥犬,博美犬以及泰迪等等都是大家喜欢养的宠物,八哥犬有很多优点,虽然他的长相看起来十分的凶恶,但是His personality is very gentle and easy to feed the owner. The Teddy dog ​​is also the same in IQ among small dogs. If the owner can train a little, he can also help the owner to do something, and he is also very close to others. You need to take him to the pet shop to trim hair regularly, because Teddy's hair is curly. If it is not trimmed, it is likely to cover his eyes.
    Large dogs are also popular for many people. Among them, golden retriever, Alaska, Labrador, Samoyed, etc. are large dogs that many people like to raise. Because these dogs are also very friendly to people, among which golden retrievers are called warm men in the pet industry, because the character of golden retriever is very mild, even if it is friendly to strangers, even if you want to bring golden retriever to the outside It is best to hold the dog rope, otherwise he may be abducted by strangers. Labrador is also a very smart pet dog with a warm and friendly personality, but Labrador is difficult to eat. If you want to raise such pet dogs, you must prepare it. When feeding it, pay attention to the food. The amount, because they don't know if they are full, as long as they eat them, they will always eat, which will hurt the stomach for Labrador.

  3. If you want a dog that is easy to get close, you can choose some large dogs, such as golden retriever, Labrador, or Corki Shiba Inu, which is very cute and very docile.

  4. Try to choose a small dog or medium -sized dog, such as Teddy, Bien, Bomei, and can also choose a dog with mild personalities, such as Alaska, golden retriever.

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