5 thoughts on “How to teach dogs to urinate in the toilet?”

  1. As a shoveling officer, you must buy a dedicated toilet for his master, and then adopt the policy of first soldiers. At the beginning, you can take the dog to visit the special toilet. When the dog wants to go to the toilet, take the dog to the toilet to make the dog develop a good habit. Finally, when the dog is not obedient, as a shoveling officer, it is necessary to take tough measures, and it must make the dog develop a good habit.

  2. 1. Choose a fixed place at home as a fixed excretion place for dogs. Since the dog is convenient, of course, it cannot be pulled directly to the ground, so either buy a professional dog toilet or spread a few newspapers, it is a dog's toilet.
    . In the early days of training, you should carefully observe the dog's behavior. When you find that the dog turns around the ground and smells it, it means that it is looking for local urine. The dog guides the fixed dog toilet, and then encourages it to pull.
    3. Generally speaking, pet dog excretion is also very regular. After getting up in the morning, eating about 30 minutes, and drinking water for about 15 minutes, the dog will have the need for excretion. Therefore, in these periods, parents should pay special attention to that once they find that dogs have excretion needs, they should be guided in time.
    . If the pet dog obeys the guidance of the owner, excrete it at a fixed place. Then after the dogs are completed, parents cannot be stuck in their praise and encouragement. This is necessary to compliment and praise dogs.
    The training on the toilet in a fixed place is not a difficult thing for pet dogs. As long as parents can persist in training for a period of time, pay attention to timely guidance in life. I believe that pet dogs will learn how to go to the toilet in a short period of time.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer my dear hello, welcome to consult me, now I see your question, you are inquiring, please wait a while. [Smile] [Flowers]nHello, I am glad to answer your questions. It is very difficult to train pets in size, especially puppies, because its IQ is not developed. The most important thing for training is the smell of smell. Dogs circulate their own territory by smelling the taste. You can put a little dog's bowel movement in the place where the dog urinates, and guide pets to find the location of urine through the taste, so as to spontaneously defecate to the position.nHope to adopt, I hope the above answers will be helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it, thank you [Happy] [Flowers]nQuestion, thank younMore 2nBleak

  4. First of all, you should observe when he wants to defecate, and then take him to your toilet at this time, and put him in the toilet. When he wants to shit, take him next to the toilet The second, he can remember that if he succeeds, he will reward him some snacks, and slowly he can develop such a habit.

  5. Dogs are very smart animals. If you want the dog to urinate in the toilet, I think you can take him to see the habit of a dog in the toilet. To know how to do it correctly, for a long time, he will naturally go to the toilet to urinate.

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