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  1. 1. Strictly abide by the sampling operation regulations, carefully detect and fill in the sampling records of on -site test items.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer as a water pollution master, you have to understand theoretical knowledge of many disciplines, physics, chemistry, machinery, fluid mechanics, electrical, management, biology, architecture, materials, etc. You need to continue to sum up, check the literature, deal with related friends and classmates, learn from WeChat groups and WeChat public accounts in various industries, and continue to accumulate experience. Such a sad process may only be understood by partners engaged in this industry, not for outsiders.nSecondly, you will build your own connections, because as an industry that the public is more concerned about the public in the 21st century, environmental protection issues have been highlighted. The intensity and attention of environmental protection. Obviously, the organizations and organizations are communicated well. Naturally, you will know a series of related personnel such as the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Government, the Fire Bureau, the Safety Supervision Bureau, the Taxation Bureau, and the Science and Technology Bureau. I believe that many peers who can do a certain degree and position will have this opportunity, and this opportunity will be the key to making money in the environmental protection industry in the future. They all say that people are connected to money. If you have interpersonal networks, you do n’t worry about no rice. It's right.nSimply put, it is to deal with interpersonal relationships while doing my own work.nHopefully my answer is helpful to younMore 2nBleak

  3. 1. Under the management of the squad leader of the cleaning center, control the sewage treatment to ensure that the sewage discharge meets the emission standards.
    I. Special 2. Sely check whether the sewage treatment is normal before the daily post.
    3. Put the water pump before booting, and then boil the water. The chlorine machine must be turned on without the water flow.
    4. At 10 am every day at 3 pm for the water quality analysis time, the residual chlorine test should be performed in accordance with regulations, and records should be made. If the water sample does not meet the standard Then perform the residual chlorine test.
    5. Turn off the chlorine first, then confirm that the chlorine gas is completely closed before turning off the water, and the number of liquid chlorine cylinders with the successor of the successor can be made from get off work.
    6. The equipment operation is implemented in accordance with the operating procedures.
    7. Strictly abide by the operation safety procedures, do the test of secondary residual chlorine every day, and make corresponding records. In the case of insufficient residual chlorine or beyond the timely adjustment, add chlorine and miles in time.
    8. Clean the environmental hygiene inside and outside the site every day to keep the workplace clean

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