5 thoughts on “What do you think of the prospect of the small dining table custody industry?”

  1. The small dining table is an emerging industry, and the rise is only a few years.
    , however, she was accused and doubted since she appeared. For the small dining tables in the community, the slightly formal form is to go to industry and commerce to record and apply for a permit, but many people still question the sanitary conditions and counseling conditions of the small dining tables inside the community. Correspondingly, there are also many large small dining tables, such as Beijing chain. There are qualified certificates such as business licenses. However, when everyone chooses a small dining table, there should be standards. There are that kind of only responsible for the safety of children and eating meals. At noon, parents cannot take care of their children at noon. There are also slightly higher requirements, require good diet and better environment.
    It higher requirements, not only pay attention to dinner problems, environmental problems, but also care about the effect of counseling, and care for children's academic performance. Parents who have higher requirements will entrust a one -to -one to look at a pair of patrons. No matter what kind of demand is, the current uneven hosting can be satisfied, as long as it is willing to pay a certain fee. However, most parents only want to take the money to eat steamed buns and ask for the host to give their children ginseng abalone. When his demands are not satisfied, the grievances will occur. This is also due to the endless news of hosting operations.
    is not only these contradictions. There are also sexual problems of men and women. Many parents are unwilling to hand over their children to male teachers, especially girls' parents. Waiting and other issues are limiting the formalization of this industry.
    , the hosting has become a just -in -demand industry. Social competition is becoming more and more intense, and the pressure of life is increasing, which has led to the need to work as much as possible. So, who will care for the child? Do parents of each other? From the perspective of human feelings, it is not appropriate. The difference between the educational concepts of the elderly and the young people and the different living habits. The lack of knowledge education for children has limited children's care and can not be handed over to the elderly. Therefore, the custody industry rose.
    did many people call the "black heart" custody. The children's food is not fresh and not clean, but it is undeniable that some of them are done with heart, and they cannot kill a group of people. Everything needs to be treated dialectically and rationally. No matter which industry is uneven development, isn't it (゚ o ゚)
    , so I think that the custody industry has a future. I just hope that the state can introduce the corresponding policies and regulate the custody industry.

  2. The prospect of the small dining table custody industry is still good. Now many parents will send students to the small dining table custody center because of their work.

  3. The early stage is still very good, and now parents pay great attention to their children's education, but the usual work is very busy, and most parents will choose a small dining table to host.

  4. To be honest, the prospect is still very good, because many parents do not have time to pick up their children. At this time, they can put their children in this small table for hosting.

  5. The prospects of this industry are still very good. Because of the increasing social pressure, many parents have no time to control their children. So the prospects will be very good.

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