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  1. Platform, Edin Cat, Leisure Fish, Luxury, Jugu.com and so on.
    1. Platform on the heart:
    "Heart" is a professional set trading, appraisal that is a professional set of trading and appraisal around the mid -to -high -end idle products (including but not limited to luxury goods, light luxury fashion products, designer custom products, etc.) , Recycling, maintenance, and rental service platform.
    2. Aidin Cat:
    is a second -hand luxury trading platform under Hangzhou Yinben Technology Co., Ltd.. All goods will be identified by Edin Cat's professional luxury appraisal team before selling.
    3. Luxury:
    If luxury is an idle luxury comprehensive service platform for buying, recycling, selling, replacement, identification, and maintenance launched by Hangzhou Aihe Pure Bottle Co., Ltd. Bags, shoes, clothing, watches, jewelry, professional appraisal team provides luxury authority appraisal services.

    "Regulations on the Management of Cosmetics Logo" published by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on August 27, 2007, cosmetics refers to any parts of the human surface, such as applying, spraying, or other similar methods, such as skin, such as the skin, such as skin , Hair, fingertips, lip teeth, etc., to achieve cleaning, maintenance, beauty, modification and change of the appearance, or to correct the smell of the human body, and maintain a good state of chemical industrial products or fine chemical products.

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