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  1. Medical beauty refers to the use of drugs, surgery, medical equipment, and other traumatic or irreversible medical technology methods to repair and re -plasticize the beauty of human body and the form of human body. It includes two ways: surgery and non -surgical. The plastic surgery should be the part of the single finger surgery, which cannot be equivalent to medical beauty.

    No matter which method is used to become beautiful, the premise must be to go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor. This is the guarantee of success and effect of surgery.

    The medical beauty includes medical beauty skin care and medical beauty surgery.

    The medical beauty dermatology

    mainly includes daily skin care projects such as water light needles and small bubbles, and also includes mid -layer therapy. A series of photoelectric projects such as Reba Maggie.

    The medical cosmetic surgery center

    This here mainly includes a series of projects you want to change through surgical methods.

    The difference between medical beauty, plastic surgery, and the two are not very different, they are both beautiful.

    The medical beauty he includes surgical projects and non -surgical items. Wait a lot!

    and plastic surgery, most of the surgical items are too many, inherently insufficient, and make up for the day after tomorrow. There are also physical injuries that occur in natural disasters and human disasters. It depends on surgery to repair. In short, plastic surgery and beauty gives people a feeling of seriousness!

    . It is like a car. The body is cracked, plastic surgery is repaired, and the restoration is as restored as possible. Highlights! This is their difference, and the starting point is to provide people with beauty.

    Plastic surgery is a category of medical beauty, but now many people are accustomed to calling for plastic surgery, and many private hospitals are called certain plastic surgery hospitals, but their essence is medical behavior. The national health department has a special definition of medical beauty.

    The definition of medical beauty: refers to the use of surgery, drugs, medical devices, and other traumatic or invasive medical technology methods to repair and re -plasticine the appearance of human appearance and the form of human body.

    The medical beauty includes four secondary subjects: beauty surgery, beauty dental, cosmetic dermatology, beauty Chinese medicine department.

    In recent years, the medical beauty industry has developed rapidly. Because of the rich medical beauty profits, many beauty salons or individuals have illegally carried out medical cosmetic business in order to make money. Inject hyaluronic acid, botulinum, buried thread and other items. Consumers choose unqualified illegal institutions, they are extremely risky, they are disfigured, and they lose their lives. Similar news reports are common.

    If netizens, if you want to make plastic surgery, you must open your eyes and choose a qualified regular hospital. Don't be greedy for cheap for a while, leaving regrets for a lifetime. There are also many public hospitals to carry out medical cosmetic business, and you can choose to go to public hospitals for plastic surgery projects. The Ninth People's Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Ninth People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University is currently the top medical beauty public hospital in China.

    The medical beauty and plastic surgery are different: now everyone often hear or see plastic surgery institutions, the registration name is called XX medical beauty hospital or outpatient department; so strictly speaking, strictly speaking, strictly speaking Medical cosmetic is more widely used. It includes surgery (also known as plastic surgery in the industry) and non -surgery (the industry includes micro -plastic beauty, laser beauty, anti -aging beauty, Chinese medicine beauty, oral beauty, tattoo beauty, hair transplantation, etc.). That is to say, plastic surgery is the most important part of medical beauty, but it cannot be the same.

    The ones do not have a needle without needle. I think plastic surgery is surgery. Medical cosmetology is micro -rectification. For example No risk, simple and convenient. It is a high -grade beauty. Like our skin care products, it is a nutrients needed by the human body, such as active peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc. There is no need to injected a new method of nutritional component without a needle. The instrument is small and exquisite, carrying lightweight. It is to use a high -speed and high -pressure jet to inject the drug into the body through the skin. This method can end the era of injections pain! Without a needle, you can operate a micro -finished project without a knife! Traditional needle micro -finishing safety coefficients need to be improved, and the emergence of the urgent without needles is the progress of the times.

    [How to define raw beauty? ]

    Womanly -defined life beauty refers to the use of non -medical means such as cosmetics, health products and non -medical equipment, and the skin care, massage, etc. with maintenance or health types of skin care, massage, etc. Invasive beauty care.

    Lish beauty is the nursing work that we can do in our daily life, or go to the beauty salon to allow the beautician to operate.

    It's beauty in life, including relevant home products and home instruments that you will use at home. If you pursue more comfortable skin, you can go to the beauty salon, SPA hall, massage hall, you can, you can, you can Maintaining the skin daily, or for daily enjoyment, the focus is on 2 words: maintenance!

    We usually see a lot of beauty salons and some technology skin care shops in the mall and community.

    The projects of general life beauty service stores are:

    (1) Basic care, including deep cleaning, acupoint massage, whitening water supplement, isolation protection, etc. Product -related basic instruments for beauty care.

    (2) The efficacy product care, including freckle, acne, whitening skin, sensitive repair, wrinkle anti -aging.

    (3) Health care, mainly using techniques to add products, including back detoxification, shoulder and neck dredging, and soothing and relaxing facial relaxation, blood circulation, etc.

    The livelihood beauty is not the care of the skin, using simple instruments and products, as well as techniques.

    [How to define medical beauty? ]

    The medical beauty refers to the use of surgery, drugs, medical devices, and other traumatic or invasive medical technical methods to repair and re -plasticine the appearance of human appearance and the form of human body.

    The people's living standards and the increasing demand for their own beauty by the general public, the medical plastic surgery industry has also been continuously developed, receiving various medical plastic surgery.

    The medical beauty requires professional doctors to operate, and must be qualified. As long as medical devices and medical drugs are used, and the human body has been treated with invasive treatment. This belongs to medical behavior. For example, eyebrows and double eyelids belong to the category of medical beauty services. Medical cosmetic services must be carried out in medical institutions approved by the health administrative department.

    The medical beauty market is generally divided into "micro -neat" and "plastic surgery". Although the difference is the difference, the difference in it is still very large.

    It micro -rectification is a double eyelid that everyone usually says, botulinum toxin, water light needle, opening the corners of the eyes, and we generally refer to more. The change of skull or body is a large area of ​​cosmetic surgery.

    If it is a micro plastic surgery, there are some recovery periods of micro -plastic surgery, and the recovery period of plastic surgery takes a certain period of time.

    The permanentness is one of the biggest differences in micro plastic surgery and plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is permanent surgery, such as rhinoplasty surgery, which is permanent; but in terms of micro -plastic surgery, it is not permanent.

    The micro plastic surgery is lower than plastic surgery. Because it is generally injected needle or some instruments. In terms of plastic surgery, risks will be relatively higher.

    It, beauty is beauty in maintenance, and medical beauty is the beauty of surgery.

    The medical beauty is generally a normal person performed by normal people to beautify certain organs. The general consideration of plastic surgery is first of all deformed correction, but the two professional titles of the two are in the middle level above the intermediate level or above. The same is the same, all plastic surgery.

    In large -scale terms, medical beauty and plastic surgery are actually similar. Medical beauty contains plastic surgery. It can be said that medical beauty is a big name for plastic surgery. Today's plastic surgery hospitals, medical aesthetic hospitals, or plastic surgery clinics, this is the same projects, but the level of the hospital is higher and the level of the outpatient department is relatively low. If the level is relatively low, you can only engage in a smaller project. For example, the injection of beauty also makes up for beauty. If it is a high -level institution, then you can engage in some 4 or three -level operations. It is a family that does not need to be divided too clearly.

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