Second -hand color copy machine is generally expensive? Where can I buy it better?

If you know, I can accept it on the Internet, thank you.

5 thoughts on “Second -hand color copy machine is generally expensive? Where can I buy it better?”

  1. Hello, the second -hand color copier is generally not very expensive. It depends on what you want to buy. The following introduces you,

    Konica Mineida Bizhub Pro C6501

    Product specifications
    composite copying machine Type color digital composite machine

    Cover functional printing/copy/scan
    memory capacity 1024MB
    hard disk capacity 160GB

    The maximum manuscript size A3
    The punch capacity of 500 × 3 sheets 250 pieces of hand delivery tray

    copying function

    Ploping speed 36 pages/minute (A3/full color), 36 pages/minute (A3/black and white), maximum speed 65 pages/minute
    copy resolution scanning: 600 × 600dpi
    Printing: 600 × 600dpi
    Maximum copy size A3
    The preheating time 420 seconds
    The first copy time of 6.5 seconds
    continuous copies of 9999 cards
    copied The proportion is 25-400%(incremental with 0.1%)
    OPC drum
    dry dual components of the show system
    Photo mode
    The photocopy of laser electrostatic transfer

    product attachment
    standard configuration instructions, warranty cards, power cords, photosensitive drum components, ink powder boxes, driving CD

    A optional accessories df-609 manuscript, RU-503/504 teleportation component, PF-601 large capacity paper cabinet, LS-501 large-capacity paper stacking device, SD-501 saddle paper processor , FS-503 binding paper processor, FD-501 multi-function folding punching component

    electrical specifications
    power supply 240V
    n power consumption 2800W r

    The appearance parameters
    color black

    size 786 × 992 × 1056
    weight 360kg

    ./view/9350799 understands, handmade, hopes to adopt, thank you.

  2. If you have a cheaper than the Internet, you can buy it nearby

    , otherwise you will buy the copy machine online and HI is more stable

  3. It is not recommended to buy online, because you can’t enjoy after -sales service
    It if you buy it for two days, you don’t know who to find it.

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