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  1. -Rearian Dalian Heavy Industry · Capital Group senior worker technician Wang Liang
    Wang Liang, 36, is a senior worker technician responsible for electrical installation and commissioning. In the past 16 years, Wang Liang has quickly grown from an ordinary electrical engineer with a strong master's degree in high education to a well -known electrical debugging expert in the country in the country. Users of Dalian Heavy Industry · Crane Group use the prerequisites for the employment of Wang Liang to install and debugging equipment as the prerequisite for purchasing the equipment; foreign experts arrange for advanced equipment debugging time to obey Wang Liang's timetable, and try to spend high prices to dig him away; The more than 10 apprentices with the brought by college are undergraduate graduates, and the debugging software created by the design makes experts and scholars marvel as "magic" ... Wang Liang has won the National "May 1st" labor medal and national labor model title with impressive results. Essence

    "He is like a diamond drill, there is no cavity eye with no drilling"

    The first master Jiang Jingcheng praised: "I brought my life in my life Many apprentices, the most dazzling Wang Liang. Every time he encounters technical problems, he is like a diamond drill, and there is no cavity eye. "

    Cow Liang has participated in the work in the past 16 years, and has moved to all provinces except Tibet in the Mainland, hosted more than 100 sets of installation and commissioning of electrical control systems of large equipment. Foreign experts such as Japan and South Korea cooperated in the same field to compete on the same stage, solved countless tricky technical problems, overcome countless technical difficulties, and created hundreds of technological innovation and technological transformation records of large and small. N
    In 1993, Dalian Heavy Industry lost more than 29 million yuan. In order to get out of the predicament, the enterprise developed and developed the technology of the first set of C type of C -type turning machine in the country. Worried about the fact that the company's benefits are not good. At a critical moment, the company leader asked Wang Liang to rush to the Shijiazhuang construction site in replace the vacancies. Wang Liang, 23 years old, took the first time. In the seasons of a person, Wang Liang simply moved his luggage into the distribution room, bought a few boxes of instant noodles, and it was 3 and a half months. The thin body had lost 8 pounds of meat.

    in the first place In the production practice of first -line equipment installation and commissioning, Wang Liang also continuously finds design defects and boldly implement technological innovation and technological transformation based on the actual needs of the equipment automation control system to design and operate. The complete software control program is still running in the device. Wang Liang participated in the design and commissioning C -type turning machine to fill the domestic gap, and has won the first prize of the National Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress and the third prize of national science and technology progress. Dalian. Heavy industry production records show that over the past 10 years, this product has more than 30 orders for production and production each year, and each worth more than 15 million yuan. The construction of the fourth phase of the Hong Kong Coal Wharf is responsible for resettlement and debugging the rollover with Japanese and British experts. For the first time, foreign experts saw Wang Liang a hairy guy and a worker. . Wang Liang is determined to prove himself with strength. He not only quickly mastered foreign advanced technology in electrical construction, but also solved some technical problems that foreign experts could not solve at the construction site. Fang commissioned a factory to design and manufacture a day -to -day suspension test, and it was impossible for foreign experts to debug. The progress of the project is money and efficiency, and it can't be delayed in a day. After careful research, the original electrical design was modified, and the main test was successful. The surprising foreign experts gave a thumbs up: "Wang Liang has strength, Chinese workers are amazing! Wang Liang's responsible electrical construction is exempt from inspection. "

    from 2000 to 2001, a major project in the southern Xinjiang Port of Tianjin was placed in front of Wang Liang. Line. During debugging, I encountered an unexpected "stoppal". When the front -line rollover was debugging, the truck and vehicle were derailed. This is the most fatal and most dangerous mistake in the operation of the equipment. The designer involved in debugging and no fruit; and two technical experts from the Chinese Technical Agent Office participated in the research. After more than 20 days, it has not been resolved. The Dan Ren has come again. At a moment of continuous observation of more than 40 hours, the British software design program scanning and results output did not match the serious mistakes. Wang Liang confidently stepped on the debugging operating table. After 10 minutes, this problem of the progress of the project in nearly one month later Solution. The person in charge of the British engineering in China actively found Wang Liang and said: "The installation and commissioning period and quality of the Tianjin Port Crossing Machine created the best record of the company around the world. The company decided to hire you as the general person in charge of electrical debugging in Southeast Asia, with an annual salary of 200,000 yuan, and the contract was signed for 4 years. "Wang Liang smiled and refused.

    " The core of the contemporary technology equipment structure must have a steel beam and iron bone that supports and connects the entire equipment. The backbone of the curved. Contemporary workers like Wang Liang's high -quality and high -skilled skills are the steel beams and iron bones of the enterprise, and the baby's babies! "Song Jiajing, chairman of Dalian Heavy Industry · Starting Group, commented on Wang Liang.

  2. The story of Lei Feng

    The model of the Chinese People's Liberation Army fully serving the people, communist warrior. People from Wangcheng County, Hunan. He participated in the Children's Team in 1949 and served as Children's Team Chief. He joined the Chinese Youth Pioneer in 1954. He was a correspondent in the township people's government in 1956. Soon, the CCP's Wangcheng County Party Committee was appointed as a civil servant and was rated as a model of work. On February 8, 1957, he joined the Communist Communist Youth League. He has participated in the construction of Lishui Engineering, Tuanshan Lake Farm and Ansteel, and has been repeatedly rated as labor models and advanced producers. In 1960, he joined the People's Liberation Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and was included in a certain transportation for a certain transportation of the engineering soldier. When he was a car, he joined the Communist Party of China in the same year. When Fushang Flower District Heping People's Commune was established, he donated 100 yuan accumulated in the factory and troops to the commune. When he learned that the Liaoyang area suffered a hundred years of disaster, he sent 100 yuan to the Liaoyang Municipal Party Committee. He also cares about the growth of children and children, and serves as a young pioneer counselor near the elementary school near the resident. In less than three years of joining the army, the second and third -class merits were honored once and twice, and they were rated as a pacesetter. They were awarded the title of Model Communist Youth League and attended the representative meeting of the Communist Youth League of Shenyang Army. In 1961, he was promoted to the monitor and was elected as the representative of the people of Fushun.

    The origin of Lei Feng's name

    In August 1959, Anshan Iron and Steel Company sent people to Wangcheng County to recruit workers. Support official registration. When filling in the registration form, he first wrote the word "Lei Feng" in the name column. Lei Feng was formerly known as Lei Zhengxing, everyone knows, but why did he change his name, there were not many people who knew it. At that time Lei Zhengxing "is a name of an orphan, and now with the Communist Party, I am no longer an orphan ..."

    The girlfriend's memories

    In Lei Feng's diary, many people see it A message named "Your Sister Huang Li". For decades, everyone has been asking, who is Huang Li?
    Until 1997, Wang Peiling, who did not talk about this past, finally disclosed the scene where he was living with Lei Feng in his youth.
    In February 1958, Wang Peiling met with Lei Feng on Tuanshan Lake Farm. At that time, Wang Peiling was 19 years old and Lei Feng was 17 years old. Wang Peiling often borrowed from Lei Feng. They often talked about the stories and characters in the book. Although sometimes the views were inconsistent, they felt particularly happy after the dispute. After lunch on March 13, Lei Feng gave her a brand new diary. She ran away without saying a word. On the title page of the diary, Lei Feng wished and encouraged her.
    Because the two often came into contact, they received gossip from the people in the field. Wang Peiling went to Xiangtan for 4 months. The two sides communicated with each other and talked about their learning and work. In November May 8th, Lei Feng transferred to Angang. Before leaving, Lei Feng sent Wang Peiling a photo. Wang Peiling sent Lei Feng a diary and wrote a message. In the case, at that time, it was inconvenient to sign the real name. Lei Feng thought about it, "Write Huang Li, Huang Wang Tongyin, Li We is born with beauty!
    Later, Wang Peiling left the farm to move to Anhui, Hubei and other places, and lost contact with Lei Feng and lost contact with Lei Feng. At noon on March 6, 63, Wang Peiling suddenly discovered that the newspaper published Chairman Mao's inscription and Lei Feng's excellent deeds. At this point, he learned that his beloved brother had renamed and left the world. In the five years, 27 -year -old Wang Peiling got married.

    One time of obligations

    A Sunday in the summer of 1960, Lei Feng's stomach hurt very much, he came to the regiment. The Ministry of Health prescribed some medicines back and saw a construction site on the construction site. It turned out to be a building for Benxi Road Primary School. Lei Feng was surrounded by a group of workers. In the face of everyone, he said, "We all contribute to socialist construction. Like everyone, as long as we have done a little obligation, there is a light distribution!" On this afternoon, I found that Lei Feng's name and the troops stationed in the city's second construction company organized workers to knock on gongs and drums to send thanks to the thank you letter.
    In aspiring to participate in the army

    In August 1949, the Chinese People's Liberation Army passed through Lei Feng's hometown. Lei Feng saw the fellow as soon as he lived in the fellow, and helped the fellow villagers pick water, sweeping the ground, sweeping the floor, sweeping the floor, sweeping the floor . Buying firewood and buying vegetables pay for the price, and do not take the crowd's stitches and lines, and they have a desire to join the army from the bottom of the heart. Lei Feng found the company commander of the army and resolutely wanted to be a soldier. When the company commander learned of his suffering Tell him that he is still young. When he grows up, he can be a soldier, and gives him a pen to encourage him to study hard and grow up to defend and build China.

    In recruits training, Lei Feng was divided into transportation as a car soldier. Huang Jiguang ". This is the attitude expressed by Lei Feng to the organization.

    . Lei Feng is cheerful, usually active, teach singing, runs a wall newspaper, say that Allegro is good, superior leaders arranged him to participate in the soldiers' performance team He got up early and greedy the lines. Later, considering that Lei Feng's Hunan accent was not coordinated with everyone's Mandarin, and affecting the performance effect, he took the initiative to replace himself, and concentrated his energy for the performance. Although everyone did not see Lei Feng, everyone did not see Lei Feng. The performance, but every program on the stage contains Lei Feng’s hard work, and cares about the collective and obey the spirit of work. In the intense learning driving technology, for the current situation of lack of coaches, He led everyone to do a car driver's desk. Lei Feng's sleeping technology was abandoned, and everyone was unanimously elected as the leader of the technical learning team. In May, Lei Feng became a qualified driver. There was a construction site on the 13th car.

    The nail spirit

    During the construction task, he drove the car all day to run to the west. The book clothing is in the shoulder bag and brings it with him. As long as the car stops, there is no other job, he sit in the cab. The problem is not busy at work, but whether you want to study or not, will it be squeezed. The time to learn is that there are. The problem is that we are good or not. , But why can nails nail in? This is squeezed in by pressure. From this point of view, there are two advantages of nails: one is squeezing and the other is drilling. Nail "spirit, good at squeezing and drilling

    The respectable" fool "

    In August 1960, the resident Fushunfa flooded and transported to the flood rescue order. Lei Feng endured the pain of the hand that had just participated in the fire fighting and was burned. He fought with his comrades in the Shangji Reservoir Dam for seven days and seven nights. The momentum was very loud, Lei Feng went to the streets to do this scene. He took out the passbook of 200 yuan (203 yuan on the passbook) and ran to the Office of the Party Committee of Wanghua District to donate it to make some contributions to the construction of the motherland. The comrades who served him could not reject his friendship, so he had to accept half of it. The other 100 yuan donated to the Liaoyang people when he was not flooded for a hundred years. , Donated all the savings for the disaster area, but reluctant to drink a bottle of soda.

    The joining the party

    After diligent and thrifty, Lei Feng demanded himself more strictly. He came from poor background, clear love and hate, easy to learn, high -class awareness, and correct motivation to join the party. According to the consistent performance, the branch conference unanimously passed Lei Feng's application for joining the party.

    On November 8, 1960, Lei Feng gloriously joined the Communist Party of China.

    At the end of 1960, the deeds of Lei Feng were caused by the "bitter child and good warrior>> after the newspapers were published. A family history of blood and tears told people not to forget the past, inspiring people to unite in the construction of the motherland, and to overcome difficulties more firmly. At the request of the people, Lianli took the deeds of Lei Feng to a exhibition room. In September 1991, the whole group unanimously recommended Lei Feng as a representative of the Fushun Municipal People's Congress.

    In Lei Feng participated in the completion of the people and returned to Lianli and served as the head of the two rows and four class. Under his leadership, the four classes became the "four good class", and Lei Feng also became the whole company. Four good class chiefs.

    In evening, there was heavy rain in the world. Lei Feng saw a woman holding a child in her arms on the road, holding a child in her hand, and carrying a bag on her body. Walking on the ground, Lei Feng stepped forward and asked, only to know that the big sister -in -law returned from visiting relatives from other places. She was going to go to Zhangzigou more than ten miles away. There are also children, I can't cry at home! "
    Li Feng put the raincoat on the big sister, and picked up the older child to walk towards Zhangzigou, rather wet itself. After walking for more than two hours, they sent their mother and son to home.

    Peremians of the people

    Since 1961, Lei Feng often invited to report to the country. He has more opportunities for business trips and more opportunities to serve the people. People spread such a sentence: "Lei Feng spent a thousand miles away, and good things did a train."
    Is when Lei Feng went out to change the car at Shenyang Station, when he got out of the ticket gate, he found a group of people watching a middle -aged woman carrying a child. It turned out that the woman went to Jilin from Shandong to see her husband. Essence Lei Feng bought a train ticket to Jilin with his own allowance to stuff the train ticket to Jilin. The big sister said with tears: "Big brother, what is your name, which unit is it?" Lei Feng said, "My name is the PLA, Live in China. "
    One day in May, Lei Feng took the rain to go to Shenyang. In order to catch the morning car, he got up at 5 o'clock in the morning and took a few steamed buns to put on the raincoat on the road. On the road, he saw a woman carrying a child with a child. , Leading with a little girl is also going to the station hard. Lei Feng took off the raincoat on the big sister, and picked up the little girl to accompany them to the station. After getting on the car, Lei Feng saw the little girl trembling coldly and took off her own linear clothes to put it on. Lei Feng estimated that she didn't eat in the morning and gave them the steamed buns. When the train arrived in Shenyang, it was still raining, and Lei Feng kept sending them to home. The woman said gratefully, "Comrade, how can I thank you!" During the New Year, comrades in arms happily engaged in various entertainment activities together. Lei Feng and everyone played a table tennis at the club, and thought that every year, the service and transportation department was the busiest time, how much people needed these places. He put down the racket, called a few comrades in the same class, and went straight to the nearby Laer Tun Station after taking the leave. This helped clean the waiting room. The passenger poured water, and Lei Feng drove the whole class.
    Li Feng is to choose to never stop and do good deeds for the people. No wonder people think of Lei Feng as soon as they see people who do good things for the people.

    The sacrifice passed

    . At 8 o'clock on August 15, 1962, the drizzle, Lei Feng and his assistant Qiao Anshan drove back from the construction site to the resident site Essence After driving the car into the company, they found that a lot of mud water splashed on the car, and immediately asked Qiao Anshan to mobilize the car to wash the car to wash the car. After a narrow aisle in the front of the barracks, for the sake of safety, Lei Feng stood on the side of the aisle and pressed his arms to direct Xiao Qiao to turn the car and turns; The border ditch, the body was shaking, and suddenly knocked down a square wooden pole used to be used for clothes and quilts. R nThe comrades -in -arms immediately sent him to a nearby hospital for rescue. The heads of the heads at all levels immediately rushed to the hospital. At the same time, Shenyang's medical experts were received to Lei Feng's bed at the fastest speed. Due to skull damage, the brain function disorder, Lei Feng, a good son of the working people, and the outstanding party member of the Communist Party of China, only 22 years old, so say goodbye to us forever!

    On August 17th, a grand memorial service was held in the auditorium of Wanghua District Government of Fushun City. Nearly 100,000 people escorted Lei Feng's Lingyu to the martyr's cemetery.

    In January 1963, the class of the Ministry of National Defense named Lei Feng before his life was "Lei Feng Ban". The Federation of Trade Unions, the National Women's Federation has issued a notice on learning Lei Feng. The People's Daily, the PLA Daily, and the China Youth Daily have successively published social articles to comment and introduce Lei Feng's deeds. On March 5, 1963, the major newspapers of the capital published the glorious inscription of Chairman Mao Zedong: "Learning from Comrade Lei Feng".

    Lei Feng, this glorious name flashed in our hearts. He dedicated all his vigorous youth to the party and the people. His noble ideals, beliefs, morals, and sentiment will continue to carry forward in our adolescents. In our hearts.

    The spirit of Lei Feng

    The spirit of Lei Feng is the theoretical summary and summary of the advanced ideas, moral concepts and lofty quality of Lei Feng's deeds. It has become the lofty thoughts of Lei Feng and Lei Feng -style, and the crystallization of excellent morality. It has become the idea of ​​loving the motherland, love of socialism, loved the party, firm communist belief, establishing the ideas of serving the people wholeheartedly, and developing unity between people and people. Symbol of the new relationship between socialism.

    The heart to the party, towards the firm political position of socialism.

    The noble thoughts for the people, selfless dedication.

    The "screws" of Gan Dangdang Revolution, and the professional attitude of love for drilling and one line.

    The spiritual "nail" spirit of studying and studying theory.

    The excellent style of hard work and hard work.

    The spirit of Lei Feng is not naturally generated, but it has its historical objective and inevitability. From the perspective of thought, the spirit of Lei Feng is the embodiment of the spirit of the Marxist -Leninism era; And carrying forward; it is also an important time value for the inheritance and sublimation of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

  3. Good -hearted brother, thank you for your brother -in -law's help for Lexiao. Maybe some "brothers" violate the traffic rules in order to grab the red light for half a second; or he will refuse passengers at the evening of the night to not bypass ... however, in this civilized city, there are no shortage of civilizations, love, and love, cute, and cute Dear "brother". It is with them that our passengers have the warmth and pleasure on the road.

    The fullest support for survival in the constant inertia every day: they usually have stomach problems and cervical spondylosis; they are busy day and night, extending the old career for a long time; they complain about the rise in oil prices, Money is getting more and more difficult to make ...

    ordinary "brothers", walking through the jungle of reinforced concrete every day, becoming the landscape of the flowing in the city. While conspiring the living, it also interpreted its own moving story for this city: picking up gold, seeing righteousness, helping others ... and all this was encouraged and supported by the company.

    The all this also made us a tolerance and understanding of our "brother".

    This to rescue the migrant girl to make a red light

    The red light on the intersection of Hangzhou Shiqiao Lude, the vehicle lined up, and a license plate number was Zhejiang AT9633 The taxi passed by, and it turned out to be a first -aid patient on the car.

    9:50 on the morning of July 27th, Master Guo Minxi drove near the Shiqiao Road Interchange Bridge. car. She is a worker girl in Anhui. She is 34 years old and works in a clothing factory in Shiqiao Road. At 9:30 in the morning, Xiao He was making clothes and suddenly fainted on the sewing machine. Master Guo increased the throttle and galloped all the way to send the patient to the nearest 11th and 7th hospital airport road branch.

    "The patient is the rupture of the cerebral blood vessels. Time is very important for her. Fortunately, it is sent in time." In the emergency room of the 117 hospital, the doctor said. After sending the patient, Master Guo quickly went to the car washing lot.

    Pet the company, after knowing this, quickly posted the manuscript of Master Guo on the company wall, and also used the red line to draw the name out to let everyone learn from him. In addition, the company also copied the manuscripts that Master Guo saw the report, packed it into Dahong envelopes, and sent it back to his hometown of Henan. "My parents saw the happy newspaper, knowing that I did a good thing in Hangzhou, and I was more happy to send a lot of money to me." Master Guo said.

    has more heart -shaped fugitives

    The at 8:40 pm on August 6th, near Hangzhou Xinyifang, two men and one woman beckoned Master Yuan Weiqiang's The car, saying that it is going to go to Lao Yuhang. At the destination, after the two men got out of the car, they said that they had no money to pay for the fare to borrow, and let the woman stay in the car first. Master Yuan had no choice but to wait in the car. After more than an hour, the two men finally returned, but they still looked up and said that they did not borrow money. They wanted to return to a hotel in Hangzhou to find another friend to borrow money. In this way, Master Yuan turned around several places, but the result was still nothing. In the end, the three said they would go to Sandun.

    The early morning when it arrived in Sandun, it also jumped to 194 yuan on the device. Master Yuan, who felt something wrong, turned to the registration station with the car. Sure enough, none of the three of them had an ID card. One of the men Fang also had a control knife on the body. The police found that Fang had just committed the crime some time ago.

    This tossing all night. Although exhausted, Master Yuan was very happy and finally grabbed the fugitive. For the model driver of this three -customer company, it is a common thing to pick up gold and save wounds. The monthly commendation conference can often hear his name, and good people and good points are always among the best.

    This is glory for small things.

    "fuel -saving migrant soldiers" of Zhejiang A · T3205 Pan Quanguo opened a taxi for 11 years and received many times by the company's Praise, it is the company's "points bank", he has scored the highest points of 3.5 points. However, Master Pan didn't remember how much score he scored. He said how many good things he had done, and how many points he could accumulate was second, but if passengers responded or reported in the media, he would still feel glorious.

    The noon around August 20th, the weather was particularly hot. In the six districts of Chaohui, a child was burned by hot water. They were sent to the Provincial Children's Hospital. Because the child's mother had time to pay for the car, Master Pan left the hospital. Later, according to the license plate number, the child's mother wrote a letter to Master Pan, praising the spirit of Master Pan's help. Because of doing good people and good deeds, and Master Pan also reached three "hard indicators" assessment projects, including safe driving, standardized services, and vehicle management. In the end, Master Pan scored a maximum score of 3.5 points.

    The Volkswagen said that Master Pan often does good deeds and never preach. The company later confirmed that Master Pan did do good dedication based on this thank you letter, and added the highest score to him. "In order to encourage the driver, the company often praises at the small conference, as well as cash rewards and points encouragement until the media reports the media ... This is also a manifestation of the company's creation of a harmonious society!"
    n n n n n n n n n n n R n The college entrance examinations are sent to candidates for temporary parents

    . Before this year's college entrance examination, in order to help children with difficulties to successfully rush the exams, Master Xu of "Star Grandma" participated in the free transfer of the college entrance examination. Driver. By the time when the results were announced, Master Xu couldn't sit still, and he cared about how the results of the candidates sent by the candidates. After inquiring, he learned that the candidate had a high score of 596 points, and he was even more happy and proud than his parents' parents.

    The candidate Gao Bojia lives in Hangzhou Wanjia Garden, and the test site is at the Affiliated Middle School of Zhejiang University. During the college entrance examination, Master Xu of the "Three Games" sent Gao Bo from home to the examination room every morning. After the exam, he sent him home to rest, and then sent him to the examination room in the afternoon.

    "On the road to the exam every day, Master Xu will always actively act as" temporary parents ", and keep making Gao Bo strong along the way, teach him to take a deep breath, and talk about a few from time to time. Little jokes, my son always walked into the test room with a smile. "Mother Xu said.

    "Reading well in the future, I will send you to school after going to college. Master believes that you will come out of the world as long as you continue to work hard." Master Xu and college candidates Gao Bocheng had forgotten the New Year's Eve, and said nothing.

    The new box of new mobile phones also returned guests

    On June 9th, a guest wants to put things. Also lying a carton. Master Zhang thought it might be a passenger, so he quickly called the radio and the company, and immediately returned to the company to hand over the box.

    out of caution, the company opened it to take a look, and found that the inconspicuous cardboard box was installed with a full box of new Samsung mobile phones. There were three Samsung E808 slide mobile phones. The varieties also include chargers, electric boards, CD software, and delivery lists, with a total value of more than 20,000 yuan.

    In a period of time, a box of mobile phones lost and recovered. The owner Xiao Jin held Master Zhang's hand and thanked him. He also took out 200 yuan for the driver master. Report.

  4. Lei Feng! Look at me! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection
    The quantitative indicators of the science and technology museum, testing the rigid indicators of contemporary Lei Feng
    Now the requirements for recruiting science and technology museums and choosing exhibits are strict. Items, and to write excellent documents, designing, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, process process, clamping, quantity, and theoretical calculation analysis process, adjustment, correction, setting, calibration, maintenance, testing, future development, how to simplify to be simplified into in Clear documents with competitive products in the world, how to do image publicity, etc., and make public publicity to the whole society, promote the scientific quality of the people across the country, and promote national competitiveness.
    can you reach this hard indicator?
    Welcome to show, we look forward to your arrival!

    The serious and significant topic, now students (including graduate students and doctoral research topics at all levels) are all garbage

  5. Dalian Sanfeng Port Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. It is referred to as Dalian Sanfeng in Chinese. It is referred to as "DSPC" in English. It is a professional manufacturer of large -scale loading and unloading equipment. Essence The company has a technology center and a manufacturing base, with professional technical teams and professional technology and equipment. Over the years, we have provided a lot of high -quality equipment for users at home and abroad, electricity, metallurgy, logistics and other users, and have been widely praised with advanced technology, professionalism, and services in place.

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