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  1. Practice of catering operations:
    . The specific situation of the business district where the enterprise is located:
    The analysis of the business district of the enterprise, classify the passenger flow in the business district, select the enterprise to select the enterprise The service crowd.
    . Competitors in the same business circle:
    It Catering companies should consciously avoid conflicting positive conflicts with competitors when determining the business model, so as not to hurt both. We must find market gaps, block competitors, achieve "fighting each other", jointly make "cakes" in the large regional market, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of this business circle.
    . Investors' economic strength and personal preferences:
    The reasonable catering business model, not a single. In the same business circle, there are several options. Different investors have different economic strength and habits, and even in the face of the same market environment, the choice is different.
    Extension information:
    The method of dining management:

    . Communication and coordination management:
    In internal team spirit and cooperation spirit is the key, the internal department is effective and the internal department is effective Written communication can help accuracy. If there is a loophole in the link, the manager should coordinate immediately, and you can follow the chapters and the chapters. Good communication and coordination management can reduce internal contradictions and improve service and work efficiency. This is the way manager must pass.
    . Planning management:
    The planned plan to do everything. How difficult is the prediction and how much can be completed. This statement shows that only a good plan will stabilize the heels and organize an orderly work. No matter which company, or which company catering management, such as unit leaders or superior leaders is a planned person, then this company company is like a one Tunnia, none of its results.
    . Organizational management:
    Organizing management in the hotel is very important. Only a good superior will let your subordinate work well. The task undertaken for the division of labor between all members conducts food management.
    . Human resources management
    In the hotel, human resources flow frequently. Human resources mobilization arrangements, rational mobilization work, and inspiring employees' enthusiasm for work. On the other hand, human resource management includes departmental schedules, reasonable setting organizations, scientific members, can more effectively reduce the cost of people.
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