5 thoughts on “The role and benefit of the WeChat group?”

  1. WeChat groups can chat and communicate many people. After creating groups, the owners can invite friends or people with common interests to chat in a group. In addition to chatting in the group, you can also share pictures, videos, URLs, etc. It's almost the same as the QQ group.
    The features
    ① Support sending voice text messages, videos, pictures (including emoji) and text.
    ② Support multi -crowd chat.
    ③ Support to view the person (LBS function) using WeChat (LBS) near the location.
    box plug -in functions such as Weibo, mailbox, drifting bottle, voice notepad, and QQ synchronous assistant.

  2. WeChat groups can gather related multi -person together, with common interests or friends, friends, or work relationships
    The benefits of WeChat groups are: can chat in the group, share photos news and other information. Everyone in the information group can see that there is no need to communicate alone, saving time, and fast and convenient
    . If you don't like it or have nothing to do, you can choose to retreat.

  3. The bland life brings joy, and the knowledge of knowing the cold in the group, such as the spring breeze melting ice, the inspiration of the power of people, dreaming of reality, laughing at fitness, and controlling myself and stable.

  4. WeChat is a faster instant messaging tool. It has functions such as zero -rate, cross -platform communication, and displaying real -time input status. Compared with traditional SMS communication methods, it is more flexible, intelligent, and saves tariffs.
    It WeChat supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Saipan platform in smartphones.
    The specific characteristics are as follows:
    The features
    ① Support sending voice text messages, videos, pictures (including emoticons) and text
    ② Support multi -crowd chat (up to 20 people)
    ③ Support support Check the person who uses WeChat (LBS function) near the location
    ④ Plug -in functions such as Weibo, mailbox, drift bottle, voice notepad, QQ synchronous assistant

    free information
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n can send information through the wireless network after downloading WeChat.
    icides in the free wireless network environment, the information is free.


    It friends

    In the person you want to contact with your friends first, so it is convenient to send a message.

    In the other party's QQ number, or let the other party add you.


    free voice

    is convenient, you can directly talk.

    Prive information in a sound manner.

    is also free in free wireless environments.


    free video

    is now still video function, you can choose to face a face -to -face dialogue.

    is a very convenient method.


    WeChat's precautions

    Is should keep your personal information when using.

    It does not enter too much information, photos, etc. on WeChat.

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