What are the characteristics of the big data industry?

It depends on personal preparation, knowledge and personality in a industry. Only those who are suitable for you are the best. So, what are the characteristics of the big data industry?

1 thought on “What are the characteristics of the big data industry?”

  1. 1. People with strong mathematical ability
    In fact, in the field of big data, no matter what direction, more subject knowledge involves mathematics, and the prodigy of mathematics is like a fish development.
    2. People who like specialized research
    Why do many people engaged in the big data industry like to study specialized? Because whether it is learning big data or engaging in big data industry The specialized research will involve many key difficulties. If you have the characteristics of hard work, you will find that you can be more handy about overcome the problem. So in fact, love specialty is a big data industry.
    3. Playing competitive games is powerful
    The programmers are actually master of competitive games, or once. This shows that the powerful people playing in the game are indeed suitable for big data, and it is easy to become a master. Perhaps this is related to the spirit of its pursuit of competitiveness and thinking. Of course, it is also related to love. However, most of the game fans are not programmers. Many people use it as a hobby.

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