4 thoughts on “How to change WeChat”

  1. Hi.

    The WeChat group changing is very simple, that is, after joining the group, share the QR code of each other group for group friends to join, resource sharing!

    ~ I hope to help you help you. If you have any questions, continue to "ask"!
    ~ answering questions is not easy, understand each other, your admission is my motivation to move forward, thank you! Intersection

  2. 1. WeChat group cannot transfer the owner.
    2. The WeChat group does not belong to anyone. After the people who created the group quit, they followed the people who followed them to upgrade to administrator. It was not until everyone withdrew from the entire group.
    3. Or the owner deleted everyone, the entire group dissolved.

  3. It can be used with auxiliary software, such as Ride zhushou, you can change the group with one click, which is very convenient.

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