3 thoughts on “How to find a job that can be dubbed, or part -time?”

  1. You can go to Taobao, 58 City, or Zhilian Recruitment and other websites to touch luck. Some businesses needed merchants will publish recruitment information on it. But the information in these places is not necessarily accurate, and you need to distinguish it carefully to avoid being deceived. Always, do not believe that you should pay for you first, no matter what the reason is, it is the most important thing to protect your property.
    The recruitment websites on the recruitment website network are not a small number. Almost the occupations you can think of will publish recruitment information on these websites. This greatly facilitates us to find our favorite job.
    Among them, Taobao should be regarded as one of our most commonly used software. On Taobao, there are some shops that can provide dubbing services. These shops may also receive newcomers and join their own teams. However, some assessment conditions are needed. For example, your dubbing works, or asking questions to test the job seekers.
    This shops will have relatively loose working conditions, which are generally part -time jobs, which are more suitable for those students who are not very stable to try.
    is similar to websites such as 58 City and Zhilian Recruitment, and often requires job seekers to participate in their own companies full -time. The employment requirements and salaries are different. These companies often need to have a certain work experience, novice can try it, but do not lose confidence in themselves because of one or two failures.
    The protect yourself from being deceived, whether it is full -time or part -time, which website is seen on the website. We must treat some of them cautiously, protecting ourselves and our own property is always the first. After you find that you have a problem, remember to draw in time, do not blindly agree with the other party's request because of your job search.

  2. This kind of public account can be said to be countless? After all, dubbing is really a too popular industry now. Whether it is a self -media or a media company, it is basically inseparable from dubbing every day. Only dubbing can promote its brand. The more, the more, such as the dubbing part -time circle, the voice active voice coil, etc. This kind of public account can receive the list for a long time. By the way, I know that there is a platform. Teaching, there are also special internal order groups. It feels that the ordering group there is more reliable. It is an online dubbing learning platform called heart and salary. You can also go to their official website or the public account to learn more.

  3. I want to use the idea of ​​part -time jobs in the spare time, because the demand for dubbing is really more and more. Since there is a demand, it must stimulate the supply!
    It you can take a look at the heart and salary. That place is a place where professional dubbing, especially in terms of dubbing techniques, their teachers are professional. Dubbing the single group, you can say that you are learning to make money while learning, anyway, I think it is quite suitable.

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