2 thoughts on “What names are more attractive to fans?”

  1. TIEBA./P/ R n (1) Uniqueness
    This this allows the masses to lock you directly when you search engines, and there will be no other people or things.
    (2) Short
    id cannot be set too long, because too long ID will increase the difficulty of the masses and search, the more difficult the customer will give up Essence
    (3) Keywords principles
    The keywords can be added on Weibo and live broadcast platforms, add keywords to the ID. When you search for keywords for the people who eat melon, your name has your name. May appear in front of him.
    Ip, be sure to pay special attention: Once the ID is determined, don't change it easily. In exchange, it will only make netizens remember you.
    A good ID is short and unique. ID is a business card on the Internet, no matter which platform or where it appears, let the audience remember you.

  2. The name is not important, it is not important to attract fans. The important thing is to keep it. Which platform will have no traffic at all, but how much is it?

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