5 thoughts on “How high is the threshold of "talk show"?”

  1. The development of the talk show industry can be described as in full swing. The reason why this is because the threshold of this industry is very low. As long as it is good, and those who have more thoughts can enter the talk show industry. Many programs about talk shows are now in a circle, and many excellent talk show actors have come out of it. It can be said that the threshold for talk shows is not high, but it is not easy to become a top -top character in the talk show industry.
    The top actor in the talk show, Li Xueqin, Bei University Battle; Li Xuan, science and science; depending on these "configurations", it means that the industry is simply talent. Mr. Chen Ming, a guest in "If You Are the One", is also the elite of the talk show industry. He is a doctoral student and a postgraduate mentor. This "configuration" is obviously raised again! Therefore, there is no threshold for talk shows, but if you want to be outstanding, there is no knowledge, emotional intelligence, and true skills. It almost wants to become popular, and it is impossible to think of people. Therefore, a large number of talk show actors are poured into this industry every year, but those who can persist in the end are actually a few people. From this, it is difficult to be used to make a living, but as a hobby, then it is easy and there is no threshold.

    Analysis of many netizens claiming to analyze current events in the past, but the diversified development of cross talk is now developing, entertainment occupies the main component. The talk show is suspected to be a new cultural act of analyzing current affairs. Indeed, in the hearty talk show, many problems existing in today's society have been ironic, which has aroused widespread Volkswagen. Analyze current events and make the talk show more audience.
    It you can also be a talk show actor. There is no explicit regulation in this industry. As long as you have the courage, strength and sufficient argument, you can make a circle of fire. Most of the talk show actors are not General Chang Sheng, but it is memorable because some things are commented.
    sm not underestimated the talk show, the threshold is low, it does not mean low layer!

  2. Everyone must have heard of talk show performances in life, and our country also has a talk show, but do you think the talk show performance is very easy and it seems simple and makes everyone very happy. The talk show we see just said that they performed very well, so that we could not see the efforts behind them. It was the so -called one -minute merit on the stage for ten years. The requirements are very high. The most important characteristic of becoming a talk show actor is to understand humor, but it is not shameless, nor is it difficult to accept. Not only do we have to say humor, but we also have to give a little face for those who are talked, so as to ensure that we can always speak without being dissatisfied with people. Because many people are more or less angry when they are spit, how do we grasp that the degree of anger is very important, so if we want to be a very good talk show actor, the threshold is still relatively high. It is not to say that we can just go up and talk about it. The talk show may be very similar compared to the cross talk, which requires very high talent and cultural heritage. Although he is not the excellent traditional art of our country, he is also a very distinctive program as a form of art, but not everyone is suitable for talk shows. The talk show must have our own very unique performance style. Because there will be differences in the form of speaking and speaking tone of everyone, and when we perform a talk show, we must also take care of the audience's emotions, because they buy tickets to watch. If you just perform simply, then I think your talk show will not be welcomed. In addition, the talk show performance is also familiar with a variety of paragraphs that can be taken out casually. This is needed. We often exercise every day how to connect them skillfully, so that people can not feel any flaws. , Or feel a sense of disobedience.

  3. I used to feel that the threshold of talk show was particularly high. Now I feel that the threshold for "talk show" is very low, as long as I can speak.

  4. The threshold for talk shows is very high. He needs the high -acting ability of the actor, and the actors will say that they will act, be able to observe life, and bring joy to the audience.

  5. The threshold of the talk show is not high. As long as you can speak, it is very difficult to let the audience laugh after listening to your talk show, so the threshold is not high, but it is not easy to achieve success.

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