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  1. "Forbes China released the list of elites under the age of 30 in China in 2019. The two Himalaya anchors have sound purple plackets and Niu Dabao on the list at the same time. This is the first time the audio industry anchor is on the list. Leading, Niu Dabao, Tou Tuo Yuan telling stories, one -size -feline Su Su, Dabin, Magic Sakurakan and other sound books anchors, annual income can reach a million level, they are the first beneficiary of the ears economy.
    A audio anchors have become an attractive "new species" group after the Internet celebrities, media and anchors. Choose, in a sense, changed their lives. Before becoming a "scholars", Zibai and Niu Dabao had their own occupations. Zi Shiba used to work on the radio. The master of the northeast of Niu Dabao was an apprentice of Zhao Benshan. "The former occupation has a variety of occupations, including civil servants, teachers, media people, lathe workers, veterans ... and excavators. The biggest reason for full -time doing this line is that there are more money. It is a process of rising. The main income before 2016 is the recording fee. This is also the way that the "scholars" rely on the way of life. About 10,000 yuan. After 2016, users are willing to pay for the content. After receiving a single month of a single month, this number became unusual. At the beginning of this year, the average monthly income of Zipkin was over 2 million yuan.
    More, break through any story. "
    The most difficult thing to do is to persist. The easiest to give up, break, and abandon books.
    So how to make your voice realize?
    . Find the positioning
    Themids according to your own preferences and advantages to determine the direction of the studio. There must be a certain direction, web articles, diploma, personal growth, etc., but they have spent a long time and slow. There is no speed, no speed, no fast success.
    The speed you see is that the other party has accumulated, and insight in this area. For example, if you broadcast historical books, you must like history and understand various historical figures and various historical events to broadcast well. If you broadcast personal growth and psychology, you must be able to understand this aspect. It is an expert in psychology. It has its own cognition and insights, otherwise it will not be done well.
    If it is a broadcast, online novels, about 1-2 years must be accumulated, and books must be used below the account. The quality and quantity of the book are important. For example, if you like urban works, you try to broadcast urban categories as much as possible, because the preferences of listening to friends are basically fixed. Don't let the album classification below your account too messy.
    The book of big coffee accounts is all books, all of which are divided into books under your account. There are many books, and all fame and fortune are available. When it comes to dividing the book, there is a large pit. When picking up the book, you must see whether it is placed under an anchor account or under the copyright party account.
    Is to have a book under your own account, you must pick up the division of books under the anchor account, because most new anchor capabilities are very limited, and the portion will not be able to generate much benefits. Under the account, the anchor book is not obtained, and the account cannot be upgraded at all, and the income may be only a few dollars, because the books are relatively ordinary books. But this kind of studio or "editorial department" will definitely tell you: You have fewer account fans, and more of our company account fans have more benefits. The division income of each book = book quality broadcasting level post -production operation, the relationship between the amount of fans on the account number is not great. If the book is not below your account, what's the meaning of?
    . It takes some money and time to learn to spend money, instead of making time to make money, your time will become more and more valuable.
    For example, when you intervene in a strange field, spend money to learn the systemic courses of well -known big guys in the industry, you can get the most valuable knowledge, resources, and the underlying logical rules of the industry in the field. Next, you can be targeted in key places. Your efficiency will naturally become higher and higher, and time is getting more and more valuable.
    This here do not recommend that you spend thousands or tens of thousands of to register for training courses. You can spend a little money and buy some courses. You can buy copyright books or broadcast free books to improve herself later. Specifically in the previous article.
    On the contrary, if you go around to check the information and explore blindly, it takes a lot of time, but may not touch the side for half a day. Your time looks very cheap. Low efficiency, it is difficult to make money.
    . Optimize packaging for your account
    1. Username: easy to understand, simple and easy to remember, non -obstacle, don't make rare words, no one knows, it is difficult to remember.
    2. Avatar: Try to meet your own album type, try not to use your own non -mainstream photos, kill Matt too.
    3. Introduction: It is enough to meet your taste and aesthetics, which is in line with your positioning and human settings.
    . How does the anchor of zero fans increase powder?
    Igly, it is recommended to make free books first,
    : Choose a better black book, choose the black book that you like, the traffic is high,
    : The name is changed, avoid too fast Being off,
    third: Black books should be prepared at any time because there is no copyright.
    Fourth: Very important: persist in updating, adhere to update, and insist on recording the book in each book. I am most afraid of being abandoned halfway, three minutes of heat.
    . The next step, the packaging mentioned here before the shelves mainly includes these parts: cover, title, label, album profile ...
    Your album playback can double. I see many programs made by the anchor, the packaging is very simple, very somewhat ...
    because of the packaging of the album, which directly affects the click/exposure conversion rate of your click/exposure.
    1. Cover: The word is large, highlighting. The style should match the content. Don't just put Zhang Tu on it, which affects the user's first sight. It really doesn't work, Taobao and Pinduoduo buy a ten dollars.
    2. Title: This is very important! A good title, be sure to learn to be enthusiastic. The title brings hot search words, and you are more likely to be searched by users. For example, you are a hot label on many people's dramas such as rebirth, crossing, counterattack.
    . The title: Many newcomers ignore the film. The beginning is too important. Good films can keep a lot of listening for a while. At the end of the film: Guide to listen to friends like praise, comment, praise, directly affect the quality of books evaluation. Pianhua: The wonderful film can cause friendship and desire to listen to it. The kind of flower that is just a brief introduction is better.
    4. Drading: In this era, traffic is king, the level of broadcasting is very important, and the effect of different people in the same book can be ten times worse. It is too important to improve your performance.
    5. Operation: Let like friends with you with you and make opinions on each other. Fans are best to give timely feedback to help you improve yourself. Don't worry. Usually, it is best to activate in the group and communicate more, so that your new album is also easy to score and praise you. Don't ignore the power of friends and fans.
    Seven. The album is finally on the shelves. Come and accept the audience's review! If the first album is not done well, be sure to learn the lessons of successful seniors. Those who are a hundred steps are half ninety, and everything needs the original accumulation. Don't be in a hurry! ~
    Is when you have accumulated a group of fans who like you, the field is vertical enough, the quality of the program is good enough, and there are enough books. Believe in me, it is difficult to make money.
    The conclusion: There are prospects for sound industry, and the prospects are very large. But it takes a time to accumulate about 2 years. Really entering is to eat and divide. It is recommended that newcomers can be done at the same time, and slowly increase the accumulation of division. Make yourself valuable, the greater your value, the higher your income.

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