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  1. The name of the healthy body:
    1, Changqingfang, Fuyin, Kangzhi, Eternal Life Circle, Kang Wuyou, Yijiayi, Ruifeng Garden, Mr. Jian, Kangle Wo Shou, Tian Yijian.
    2, Jianzhi, Kang Sheng, Lao Shouxing, Bai He Ji Language, Wan Nianqing, Yiminshou, Extraordinary Health, Fushou Park, Yiji Future, Xingkangtang, Kangmai, Dao Yangyuan, Chite Soverey, Weili, Weili, Weili Health, Kang Xinyuan.
    3, Xinyi Dai, Yongchunquan, Health Shengtian, Kang Zhifu, Wanda Kangren, Wankangtang, Shankang Youcai, Fushou Online, Weijian Tong, Yuanhe Health Zhijian, Gengshengfang, Yi Renxuan, Chunqin, Health Pepsi.
    4, Nanshan Weng, Donghe Health, Hua Zhen Yang, Yi Yuan, Yiyang, Zun Sheng, Ziqi Donglai, Songhe Yannian, Healthy Sports, Healthy Pingeda , Yiji, Qihe, Songlu, Long Life 100, Fulu Ankang, Healthy Future, 100 % Healthy, long life.
    5, Gu Ben Peiyuan, auspicious and well -being, Corbali, Bai Sheng, Yisheng Decoration, Breakthrough, Smart and mental, Healthy Relying on Health, Happy Health, Ginkgo Forest Yuanquan, Healthy Source, Healthy exercise, aerobic exercise, health is a blessing, healthy victory, health longevity, strong body, strong body, healthy, healthy and healthy.

  2. 1. Enjoy thin
    The creative source of this name is a word "thin if you want thin", which really gives people a very unique and interesting feeling. And the meaning is very good. It means that you can reduce fat and keep your body and health in a relaxed atmosphere.
    2, Shu Yanfang
    The word "Yan" represents the meaning of face and face, and clearly clearly clearly clearly the special nature of the health industry. The word "Shu" represents Shu, refers to the service very well. The word "Fang" is unique and shows the ancient charm of the name.
    3, Yuan Dao
    The saying "Yang Yuan" in Chinese medicine, so the name is more appropriate for the health industry related to Chinese medicine. "Tao" is a very philosophical word. A "Yuan Dao" looks very tall, and it is simple and elegant, and it is convenient for memory.

    4, the word "mindfulness" from the Buddhist scriptures, which is a kind of inner search and pursuit of people, itself is one itself Psychotherapy, so it is used in the psychological health industry to fit and have a personalized personality. It is also creative, professional, and elegant with the word "Tang".
    5, foot road
    is a very creative name. According to the movie "Infernal Affairs", it is unique and easy to remember. The name of the "Footway" is very suitable as a foot therapy shop. It means that the foot therapy here is very doorway, highly skillful and very professional.

  3. Walk in the sun.

    never stopping

    The city of the sky

    The flickering stars
    Sunshine) 简 简 -Fast fool does not know -say goodbye to yesterday de decadence.

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