What is the status quo of the decoration industry? How to enter this industry? What is the prospect of development?

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  1. In the past, the decoration industry was a branch that was attached to the construction industry. It has been separated from this mother and slowly formed an independent system. It is divided into two categories of home improvement and work.
    Ip people think that: no matter how homefles and work, in our country, in our country, in our country There is still a lot of development space
    The home improvement:
    1. Real estate companies have developed everywhere in recent years, and a large number of new real estate. About half of them are self -occupied. Although the country wants to develop hardcover houses, in fact, in fact, in fact Most of the delivery is still naked houses, that is, a large number of decoration is ready to be installed at
    2. The intensity of this development in the next 5 years has not weakened, and the urbanization construction is still underway. The ranks are continuing
    3 every year. In theory, how many second -hand houses are changing hands, and almost the same number of pretending households appear.
    This number is also very considerable
    4. Some of these improved customers, who have several houses, will decorate their own suites. Although there is no real estate transaction behavior, there is intention of decoration.
    "Industry" is of great significance for expanding domestic demand, increasing employment, revitalizing the economy, and improving the quality of people's lives. It has the following distinctive consumption characteristics.
    1. As a public cultural consumption that has been developed to a certain stage, it must take a certain economic strength and cultural literacy as the premise, and use the awakening of environmental consciousness and the pursuit of quality of life. Indoor decoration is the art of high -quality indoor environmental design. The rapid development of my country's economy and the great improvement of people's living standards have been greatly improved, which objectively created extremely favorable conditions for the changes in the consumer structure and the development of the indoor decoration industry. At present, the consumption of more than 10,000 yuan that urban residents can bear, home decoration is one of the preferred projects.
    . The interior decoration market will appear a new round of subdivision. The design and professional advantages of the construction and construction of different buildings will be more prominent in the competition, especially in the field of residential decoration and decoration. The direction of development will be more obvious.
    . According to China's per capita housing development plan, in 2020, the per capita occupied residential residential residential residence is calculated. From 2003 to 2020, the urban residential completion area will reach 14 billion square meters, and there are 11 billion square meters of existing houses entering. Maintenance period. In addition to the increasing scale of new housing, the second -hand housing market will further promote the development of the residential decoration industry.
    . There are 696 cities above the county level and nearly 20,000 towns and towns in China. China is implementing small town construction plans. Support, the next step in China's construction is more reflected in the construction of small towns.
    . The grade of decoration is constantly increasing, and the proportion of decoration in construction investment will become heavier. Driven by the Olympic Games, Expo, and Entry of the WTO, the scale of public buildings and single buildings has been expanding. After more than 20 years of construction scale, quite a lot of public buildings, especially hotel buildings, have entered a renewal period.
    The rapid development of China's economy and the expansion of market scale will provide huge development opportunities for the decoration market, and future development will be infinite.

  2. (1) Development of the full decoration industry abroad
    It in Europe and Japan, collective houses are generally fully renovated, basically in place. Japanese commodity houses are basic decoration products. Basic decoration includes indoor surfaces and maintenance bodies such as walls, ceilings, floors, and grounds, doors and windows and other products, electrical, ventilation, drainage and other equipment, kitchen and bathroom hot water system life Equipment, power control disk, socket, safety alarm, etc.
    The design of indoor and outdoor environmental quality is designed. For example, the upper part of the windows of many European houses, the upper part of the sun, and the outer wall have small strips into a style. In order to solve the problem of insulation and insulation and sealing of the exterior walls and doors and windows, the interior and outdoor air exchange problems are used, and the house respiratory system with adjustable indoor ventilation volume is adopted. By controlling the ventilation volume, the indoor and outdoor positive and negative pressure difference is formed. The living room, then through the bathroom and the kitchen, eliminate the dirty air outdoors.
    It's selection of materials and decoration materials for industrialized manufacturing in terms of materials selection and construction, and these products are required to have stability, durability, environmental protection, and generalability. For example, the two -color spray -plastic aluminum alloy hot windows inside and outside Norway not only insulation and insulation, but also can be turned 360 degrees.
    It because European countries attach great importance to the energy saving of houses, the energy conservation plan is implemented. "Ecological decoration residential" has been vigorously promoted. European countries have made clear requirements for the insulation and insulation of the walls and doors and windows, and architects must design and select materials in accordance with relevant national regulations.
    (2) The development of the domestic decoration industry
    In recent years, my country's decoration market has developed rapidly, new decorative materials have continued to emerge, and the decoration industry market is huge. According to statistics from the China Architectural Decoration Association, the total output value of the national decoration in 2006 has exceeded 1.3 trillion. In 2007, the output value of the decoration industry reached 1.75 trillion yuan, which maintained a stable growth for four consecutive years. It is expected that the output value in 2010 will reach 2.1 trillion, of which 70 % of them will have the home decoration industry in the future. Due to the majority of small companies in the country's total more than 17,000 decoration companies, the industry's discreteness is too high, there is a situation of vicious competition, and the lower market entry threshold has formed a large number of unqualified enterprises and individuals to contract business. Gifts and other means fierce competition, low prices to win customers, leading to the disorderly competition in the market, and at the same time, it also makes it difficult for consumers to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. It is estimated that the "guerrillas" decoration currently accounts for about 65%of the entire decoration capacity.
    In the expansion of the new residential area, coupled with the 5-7 years of cyclical delay update and renovation decoration, the future decoration and decoration market capacity will continue to increase. The norms of industry development will inevitably promote the rise and innovation of brand enterprises with upstream and downstream resource integration capabilities. In view of the current development stage of the decoration and decoration industry, the full decoration and decoration of upstream and downstream resources integration and the large -scale modeling model will become the dominance of the residential market.
    1 is the support and encouragement of related policies. The Central Government has introduced the "Several Opinions on Promoting the Modernization of the Housing Industry and Improve the Quality of Housing" (Guoqi Fa [1999] No. 72) and the "Guidance of the Implementation of the Disposure of the Decoration of Commodity Houses" (Jian Housing [2002] No. 190) Encourage the decoration of new commercial housing in place or menu -style decoration mode. With the increasingly mature domestic real estate market, in 2008, the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of House Decoration and Decoration" (Quality [2008] No. 133), pointing out that it is necessary to improve the support policy and promote full renovation houses. With the launch of the support of the full -decoration housing policy in various places, the proportion of full renovation houses has gradually increased, and first -tier cities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen will gradually cancel the rough houses. The China Real Estate Evaluation Center "2009 China Real Estate Development Enterprise Fortune 500 Evaluation Research Report" pointed out that in the first three quarters of 2009, the pre -sale of the four major first -tier cities in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen accounted for 22.5%and 20 respectively. %, 47.6%, and 19.7%, of which high -end houses account for higher proportion of full renovation houses. The vigorous promotion of full renovation houses has led to the rapid development of the full renovation industry. In 2009, the domestic installation industry has reached a turnover of more than 100 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 10%of the entire residential decoration industry.
    It is the gradual factory of full decoration materials and equipment, which is more seasoning and energy -saving and environmental protection. At the same time, the design is gradually unified and standardized, which is convenient for construction and construction. At the same time, residents pay more attention to energy conservation and low -carbon environmental protection living environment, continuously improved energy conservation and environmental protection requirements for decoration, pursue high cost -effective decoration and decoration projects, and the launch of full renovation will undoubtedly meet the needs of residents. The implementation of full renovation houses can implement the energy conservation and sustainable development of the building. Full renovation houses have become an effective carrier to promote the technological progress of the residential industry, improve the quality of residential, and energy conservation and environmental protection.
    three is the leading company leading the full decoration market. The potential of full renovation cost savings model attracts public buildings and commercial decoration companies. Golden Mantis, which was originally mainly based on hotel decoration, is vigorously entering the residential decoration market. At present, the full renovation turnover has exceeded 500 million. The large -scale and powerful All -Treasure Group is not only positioned in luxury home decoration and public building decoration. Through cooperation with real estate developers, it has vigorously carried out full renovation business and has become a leading company for full renovation. At present, there are many domestic decoration companies in the country, and there are quite few nationalized companies. Decoration companies with Golden Mantis, Hiroto and Quanzhu as the leading decoration enterprises have accelerated the city layout. Adopt the area of ​​extension, joining, authorized operations, etc. to expand the area.

  3. According to the investigation and research of the China Architectural Decoration Association, the scale of my country's architecture decoration industry is generally as follows:

    The national construction decoration enterprises with a total of more than 250,000 in the country, of which the main building decoration and the qualifications of the national construction authority are examined There are 20,000 levels of level enterprises, which are also operating construction decorations such as civil construction companies, installation companies, garden companies, etc., and have 50,000 qualified levels reviewed by the competent national construction department. They have business licenses. There are 180,000 enterprises, mainly engaged in residential decoration projects. There are more than 85 million construction teams in the national construction decoration industry, including 500,000 engineering and technical personnel, and nearly 7 million remaining labor force in rural areas. Due to the development of the building decoration industry, the number of people in the production and distribution of building decoration materials has reached more than 5 million. There are more than 14 million people in the building decoration industry. The annual project output value of the national construction decoration industry has completed the annual project output value of 550 billion yuan, and the value -added of the construction industry is 170 billion yuan, accounting for about 6.2%of the domestic production total (GDP). According to the national industrial policy, state -owned assets are gradually withdrawing from the construction decoration industry. At present, state -owned enterprises are less than 1%of the total number of enterprises, and private enterprises and joint ventures account for the vast majority.
    In future development trends
    (1) international and diversified development trends.
    (2) The development of high -tech will trigger technological innovation and technological revolution in the building decoration industry.

    (3) Scientific enterprise management and project management development trend.

    (4) Pay attention to the development trend of environmental protection and health.

    (5) The market further segmented.

    (6) Union between enterprises, reorganization trends.

  4. After nearly 30 years of rapid development, my country's construction decoration industry has gradually matured. From design standards, engineering scale to capital investment, new technologies and new materials have been developed unprecedentedly.

    "Analysis Report on the Forecast Analysis Analysis of the Chinese Construction Decoration Industry Market Research and Investment Forecast Analysis Report" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute shows that the output value of the building decoration industry has increased from 4.43 trillion in 2000 to 2.1 trillion in 2010, an increase of 388.9 %, The average annual compound growth rate is about 17.2%, higher than the national GDP growth rate of 11.4%at the same period of nearly 6 percentage points. Among them, the output value of public buildings (including the decoration of the overall real estate finished house) increased from 2000 trillion in 2000 to 1.1 trillion in 2010; the output value of residential decoration (independent decoration of single households) increased from 2.23 trillion yuan to 1.95 trillion yuan at the same time.

    The outline of the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" planning according to the Chinese architectural decoration industry: "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" period of public building decoration (including the overall real estate finished house decoration) of the project strives to reach 2.6 trillion yuan, an increase of increase It is about 136%, with an average annual growth rate of 18.9%; the target of residential decoration is 1.2 trillion yuan, an increase of about 26.3%, and the average annual growth rate is about 4.9%.

    The demand in my country's construction decoration industry comes from two parts. On the one hand, the renewal needs formed by the nature of the existing building, expansion, and change the nature of the building's use or initial decoration Decoration needs. With the increase in the number of housing, the number of housing, and the maturity of the second -hand housing trading market, the demand for the overall and local renewal service of the building will continue to expand; it will gradually become the main provider of the requirements of the decoration industry.

    On the other hand, consumers' understanding of living quality is more in -depth and comprehensive, combined with the improvement of the level of decoration secondary consumption capacity, which has driven the improvement of decoration and decoration standards. Therefore, regardless of the breadth and depth of the industry, it will support the growth rate of the demand for the building decoration industry in terms of volume and price. Division.

    The building decoration industry research team in the forward -looking industrial research institute said that the strong demand for the industry does not mean that the industry's gross profit margin is considerable. In the building decoration industry, the regional characteristics are more obvious. Entrepreneur awareness, the ability to take the single, the high -end design and construction human resources and the comprehensive management capabilities of the project restricts most of the small and medium -sized construction decoration companies, making it difficult for them to expand quickly to carry out the whole country nationwide Market layout. The low concentration of the building decoration industry has led to a pattern of low -end price competition in most companies, and the average gross profit margin of the industry has declined year by year.

    In general, with the continuous improvement of my country's urbanization, the people's collection of levels, people's demand for the decoration industry is strong, and the decoration industry is very good.

    Is my answer can help you.

  5. This industry is not very easy to do now, mainly because the entire economy is downturn! If you really want to enter this industry, you can try to cooperate with platforms such as the use of the car artisan market. It may be relatively easy to do!

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