5 thoughts on “Health and facts exchanges, how should I foop it from WeChat, and the grid is still stunned.”

  1. If you think this group is useless, you can open the three points in the upper right corner of the group to open. Then slide up and see the deletion and exit of this bottom. So do you exit this group? I won't receive information. If you still want to stay in this group and don't want to be disturbed by others, you can open the message from the interference switch. What others send will not disturb you. But you can open the information they send, so it is OK.

  2. If you click on the upper right corner, there will be three points on it. After clicking, slide to the top 5 red letters, delete and exit. After deleting and exiting, the news of this group will not be received.

  3. You have to exit the group. If you do not withdraw from the group, your group will always be there. If you don't want to withdraw from the group, you can set up the message in the upper right corner to avoid disturbance.

  4. If you don’t like to quit the group, if you don’t want to exit and you don’t want to be disturbed, you can choose to block the group news

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