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    We used to talk about shopping, and now more and more people are keen to visit WeChat groups.

    So someone on the Internet said that since the WeChat group broke into our lives, shopping for WeChat group is one thing that most people must do every day. Itchy.

    . The number of WeChat groups that each of us owns is quite large.
    If each group is carefully strolling, it is obviously not enough for 24 hours.

    but we ignore the fact that it is also divided into the WeChat group. Some people visit WeChat groups to find resources and opportunities, while some people are purely waste of time.

    The friend Xiaoyuan has only one purpose to visit WeChat groups, that is, grabbing red envelopes. The "Guxian chasing the sun, today the red envelope grabbing red envelopes" is a group of people like Xiaoyuan.

    The main purpose of their visit to WeChat is to grab red envelopes. Of course, those who open the red envelope are not in this column.

    In order to grab more red envelopes, they can only go shopping on the WeChat group, and brush it if they are fine, lest a red envelope falling.

    "I ca n’t grab much money, and I can come out for a takeaway money." Xiaoyuan said, grabbing red envelopes is a psychological comfort, and it is also because I am used to visiting WeChat group.

    This is really sad to think of it. It is used to grab red envelopes in major WeChat groups, which reminds me of the person who begged on the roadside.

    This people belong to the lowest realm of visiting WeChat groups. They just want to get from the WeChat group, and never know how to pay, and these people have a characteristic that they like to watch the lively.

    . Although some people are not so enthusiastic about grabbing red envelopes, they like to watch the discussion in the group. No matter what others talk about or have nothing to do with themselves. At the end, this is also extremely wasteful.

    , saying that it is in vain.


    In fact, since you can't help but want to visit WeChat groups, you can try to find some of your useful resources when you are shopping. This is the middle realm of visiting WeChat groups, a little higher than the lowest realm.

    The people in this realm seem to be strolling, in fact, in "Taobao".

    In the day before yesterday, everyone talked about the source of the material. Sister Virgin said such a paragraph: "I just walked in another group, and suddenly found that they were chatting. Time, then I found it hard, copy the next five or six golden sentences from their chat records, this is the psychological balance. "

    I was going to me at the time, and saw this sentence, and for a moment, someone was visiting the WeChat group like this?

    Huled to ask Sister Jealist, she said that this is the maximum benefit of her time.

    is indeed. It is more cost -effective to visit WeChat group and get what you want.

    The friend Xie Jun, a friend of HR in an Internet company, knows this truth.

    He has entered countless industry groups and strolls regularly every day, but he will focus on those who are active in the group and can contribute valuable content, and then add their WeChat separately, and their WeChat Grasp their majors and specialties through private chat.

    "Slowly, I have accumulated my own talent pool." Xie Jun said that the talents of the Internet industry are flowing fast and the company's projects often have to innovate, so the talent demand is also mobile, and he has since been mobile, and he has since since he is mobile. After searching for talents from major WeChat groups, I never worry about people.

    Actually, whether Xie Jun and Sister Virginity, they all have one thing in common to go shopping with the purpose. Once you get the useful information about themselves, they will immediately be their own. use.

    The WeChat group is a resource library for them, and shopping for WeChat is to discover the way of useful resources for themselves.


    . The highest state of one type of people. They will attract everyone’s attention to their own topics, whether they enter the WeChat group, and talk about their needs. the opinion of.

    of course, there is also a prerequisite, that is, the topic you want to talk about must be deep and attractive, and it is also helpful to everyone.

    It, in the old saying, things are gathered, people are divided into groups, and WeChat groups are also applicable to this principle. The WeChat group that belongs to the same group as itself.

    Xiaozhu is a hand -painted enthusiast. His business time starts WeChat to teach some adults to learn painting, so the WeChat group he entered is a community composed of some people who love learning, such as the reading group , Writing group, etc.

    . After he enters the group, he will actively find the group owner to introduce himself, and also actively provide the avatar design for the group members in the group. Let everyone appreciate it for free, and each time it will cause everyone's discussion. Invisible, he promotes his personal brand.

    The is more powerful. He is the owner. Define the rules and gameplay of WeChat groups. When they visit the WeChat group, they are equivalent to leaders to inspect the work, and then look at the degree of participation in adjusting the rules.

    In short, people in this realm are to provide value for more people to provide more people. They are more for paying, not just asking, but they are often the biggest gains.


    of course, more and more people have recently started to withdraw from the WeChat group, because everyone found that they were "kidnapped" by the WeChat group, and when they saw the red dot, they just saw the red dot. I can't help but waste it, and waste too much time and energy.

    It psychologists said that the return group is a natural choice, which is equivalent to filtering complex psychology. Many people have anxiety from pressure and do not want to waste time in fragmented information.

    This also feels touching. For the dozens of WeChat groups I joined, I will organize regularly. Those who are not interested will choose to withdraw. At this stage, it will be important.

    After all, the WeChat group is still particularly advantageous. For example, the establishment of the WeChat group does not need to be verified, and anyone in the group can "pull in" and communicate very convenient and fast.

    but for those WeChat groups that do not have any nutrition, I recommend exiting, and there is no need to waste time on these meaningless things.

    , and with that kung fu to join various WeChat groups, it is better to concentrate on making themselves grow up and try to become a person who can provide value for others.

    So, which layer of these three levels of WeChat group? It is said that 80%of people are at the bottom.

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