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  1. Cats can eat lettuce, cabbage, Shanghai green, zucchini, carrots, cat grass, wolfberry, black fungus and other vegetables.
    This vegetables can provide sufficient vitamins and minerals, but it is usually recommended to eat a small amount of vegetables, because after all, cats are meat animals, which can be carnivated by meat and a small amount of vegetables. Eating vegetables must be cooked to feed.
    The cabbage is also a vegetable that is very suitable for cats. It can not only prevent cat digestion, but also supplement the cat to supplement vitamins. It can be said that the cabbage is only good for cats.

  2. The vegetables that cats can eat include carrots, broccoli, cabbage cabbage, green beans, asparagus, pumpkin, etc. The cats are not chewing well. The vegetables for cats must be easy to digest. When cooking these ingredients absorb.

    The cats who love vegetarian food have precedent, but after all, cats still have to be meat food. The owner still needs to pay more attention to the nutritional supplement of meat, so as not to be malnourished.

    Most of the cats have lactose intolerance, so avoid feeding milk or other dairy products for cats. In addition, grapes, raisins, coffee, chocolate, candy, etc. are prohibited by cats to avoid causing cat vomiting, breathing, and even death.

    The balanced diet is the prerequisite for health. The reasonable combination of vegetables and meat can make cats healthier. The owners can also feed cat mint or plant some cat grass daily to help cats discharge hair balls.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer I am a Chinese national practicing veterinarian Dr. Bestbo. I have worked in clinical practice for many years and I am glad to communicate with you ~ I will solve the problem for you next. Thank you for your trust. Please explain your problems and explain the gender of pets, types, age, sterilization, deworming, and whether immunity is fulfilled. So that I can help you do a better diagnosis. Reminder: Baidu replies on Baidu, "You can only send 6 times" what you want to say on your sidenCarrots, broccoli, winter melon, pumpkin, etc., the rest of the vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage, rapeseed, etc. You need to see if the cat has diarrhea after eating. Any vegetables need to be given in moderation.

  4. Edible.
    The cats can eat broccoli in moderation. Broccoli is rich in cellulose and other nutrients. Cats can supplement daily nutritional needs, but they cannot eat too much, otherwise they will be counterproductive.
    This can eat broccoli, but it should be noted that before eating the cat, you should use white water to cook completely, and you should pay attention to the amount of weight. In the process of normal maintenance, cats can also give cats some other vegetables, just like cabbage and carrots are good choices, which can also be more conducive to digestion and absorption.

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