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  1. Chaoyang District
    The Beijing Pet Friends Animal Hospital Chaoyang District Xianghe Garden No. 5 64662890
    Beijing Baomei Fugu World Chaoyangmen Workers Stadium 65931344
    District Nongguitanli Building No. 1 Nonghui Building 010-87779999
    This Pet Pets, Chaoyang District, Wangjing New City A4 District 315 64748684/64747495

    If Beijing, Chaoyang Park West Road, Chaoyang Park, No. 95384071
    It Beijing Aikang Animal Hospital Chaoyang Tiantui Park Dongli Building 65018605
    Litun Dongkou No. 2, East Fourth Ring Road Chaoyang Park Bridge 100 meters 65083873/65920367
    District International Exhibition Center Xiangheyuan Zhongli 143rd, 64679918
    Building 65064051/65064055
    The 85806514 r
    Oriental Baby Chaoyang District Sanyuanli South Street No. 84541688
    In the Pet Park
    The Araha Pet Club Chaoyang District, Wangjing West Garden Third District, Block A 314th Floor 84713686
    (Xibahe Store) Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District, No. 10 Building No. 10, No. 10, Xiba District, No. 10
    The Kuti Pet Shop (Jinsong Store) Chaoyang District, Duoyangliu, No. 1 Building 67738343
    Huijiayuan Huiminyuan Building No. 2 Gate 65588419
    District Panda Ring Island Market 1 Hall 15 Row No. 18 64431906

    nThe blue tower No. 22-23, south of Xiluoyuan, South Third Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing Renyuan Animal Hospital. 871
    This Beijing Kangxiang Animal Hospital, Fengtai District, Majiabao Community, No. 1 Chenuang Road, Majiabao District, No. 1, Chenuang Road, No. 1, Majiabao Community, Fengtai District, Beijing Kangxiang Animal Hospital. No. 23, South Third Ring East Road, Fengtai District, Hospital, 67605989
    The floor of Building No. 14, Fanggu District, Fanggu District, Fengtai District, Renaitang Anima Hospital 676668751/67689135
    Belly pet products shop Fangzhuang Jiazhuang Jiazhuang 2nd floor, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang, Fangzhuang, Fangzhuang, Fangzhuang, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang, Fangzhuang, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang, Fangzhuang, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang, Fangzhuang Jiazhuang Fangzhuang. Fashion Sunshine Commercial Plaza No. 2118 67613952
    Jingxi Animal Hospital Fengtai District South Third Ring Middle Road No. 71 No. 71 87266597
    Worm Market 88682031

    Chongwen District
    It love partner pet center Chongwen Waidi Street, Chongwen District, No. 31 (in Shuang Garden) 87720665
    The east side of Building 8, Beili Central District 67193365/67191166
    Animal Hospital of China Agricultural University, Beijing Haidian District, Malianwa Agricultural University, Beijing, Haixianwa Agricultural University 62891274

    The Beijing Yikang Pet Health Center, Cuiwei Zhongli Commercial Building, Haidian District 68252657
    Boy Wangyuan No. 63963038
    This Beijing Barbie Hall Animal Health Consulting Co., Ltd., Yuquan District, Haidian District, Haishun District, Haixun District 200m east 68233668/682181
    Tjia Carrene Shop, Haidian Hailong Building, Carrefour n, 69 Banjing Road, Haidian District, Kundi Pets (Century Shop), Century Jinyuan Hotel B13 88435383
    No. 21 Zengguang Road, Haidian District 88382130
    Houhou pet shop Beidingzhuang Mudan Garden Hotel to north 50 meters west 62 374260

    Dongcheng District
    The Beijing Boai Partner Pet Service Consultation Center, Beijing Dongcheng District Gulou Wai Street, No. 52 84251917
    36, No. 36, Dongcheng Street, Dongcheng District, Dongcheng District N North
    It Beijing Yiya World Pet Garden Co., Ltd. Dongcheng District No. 34 Gongti North Road 65526177/65526178
    Aiyu Animal Clinic, Dongcheng District, Dongcheng District, No. 120 65284547
    Matonous named Catjia Dongcheng District 86183509
    52, No. 52, Dongcheng Gulou Street (North Second Ring) 64250547

    Xicheng District
    It Beijing Observation Animal Hospital Beijing Xicheng District North Third Ring Middle Road 62049631
    Hospital Xicheng District Guanyuan Bridge Fish and geese Hutong No. 6 010-66162134
    Building 3 Gate 88384622
    The Weica Animal Hospital Xicheng District Baiyun Road Baiyun Xili No. 12 63439772
    Ganjiakou), No. 40, No. 40, Fuwai Street, Fuwai Street, Xicheng District. Di Pet Store (Changping Store) No. 26 Nangli District, Changping District (opposite Er Mao Textile Factory) 89746726
    Pet Home Tiantong Xiyuan District 84845400

    Daxing District
    The Coolid Pet Store (Daxing Store) Daxing District Yuyuan No. 23, No. 23, 60260702

  2. The top floor of Jinyuan Yansha has a
    P. Chaoyang Road is probably Kuti
    It other small shops, there are many roads on the roadside

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