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  1. Nowadays, there are more and more people in pets, and there is a variety of cats in cats-British short blue cats. In recent years, they have been welcomed by people. They have a fat body and small and round face shape. It looks cute, so if you also plan to raise a blue cat, how can you give it a good, creative and domineering name? Let's take a look!

    1. The name of the most unexpected relationship with the cat in life
    For your favorite pet, many of the owners will feel that the simpler the name of the ground can only be Let them live safely and smoothly, so use the most unexpected words in life to name the cat, and such a name will be cute.
    . The name of the blue cat's own appearance and personality characteristics
    This is one of the easiest ways to name the blue cat. Blue cats are generally loved by personality. Their fat appearance is naturally that cat lovers are reluctant to let go, so let's name it according to their appearance and personality characteristics.
    3. The entire foreign English name or English translation
    The variety of British short blue cats derived from the United Kingdom, so it is very foreign to give your little love a whole English translation or English name. Of course, you need to name it according to the gender of the blue cat. Whether it is a little boy or a little girl, do not cross the gender.
    . Take a full name of a domineering field
    If your blue cat is a "boy", you might as well give him a domineering name. Although the blue cat's impression is thick and cute, if your blue cat is full of personality, such a name is quite suitable for him.
    5. Take a creative name
    The believers who love pets must also be pampered to their pets. It is also possible to give a creative name for the blue cat. Whenever you call its name, it is natural to be very happy!
    6. Use anthropomorphic naming method
    "cat slaves" must treat the blue cats as members of their relatives, so it is also possible to use anthropomorphic naming methods. The grounding gas is also kind, and the owners can feel another joy. rn 有创意好听霸气的蓝猫名字: rn 想想、怪怪、墩墩、兜兜、肉肉、懒懒rn 呆瓜、肥牛、酸奶、花卷、拖把、扫帚
    Bhubbin, sesame cake, fritter, stall, sugar cake, parcel n Wan Live, Simba, General, Princess, Main Palace, Bell N Salary, Lan Ge, Hairo, Lightning, Cheetah, Whirlwind
    small coal balls, cherry, black coil, gray crickets, Sisiver
    glass beans, naughty bags, Oli, Avatar, Seychel n blue cheese, millet porridge, vegetable buns, vegetable buns, vegetable buns, vegetable buns, vegetable buns, vegetable buns , Big Ice Cream, Xiaoding
    Barbie, MiLanta, Bauer, Chris, SOSO, Fanny
    Cloud, Micky, Candy, Maggie, Opheya, Rae

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