5 thoughts on “What should I do if the cat is too heavy at home?”

  1. The smell of cats in the home generally comes from the odor of the cat itself and the taste of the cat's living environment. To remove the taste first, we must do a good job of cleaning and removing the taste of the cat.
    While cats caused by the cat's own reasons: After the cat eats food, some things will be residual to corrode the teeth to form a odor, and dental stones will appear seriously. This is the cause of oral odor. Later, helped the cat to clean up the residue on the mouth and teeth to check whether there were calculus. Ear canal odor: If the cat's ear canal has a foreign body or suffering from ear mites, it will also produce odor. You can use a cotton swab dipped in pet disinfection to clean. Gastrointestinal problems: If the cat eats too much or some problems with gastrointestinal indigestion, the cat's mouth will taste. Body surface odor: Cats do not need to take a bath, but if they do not do other cleaning work, they will also make cat skin odor. It is recommended to use food -grade pets to disinfect the cats. It will make the cat's body odor. The odor of the cat's living environment mainly refers to the smell of cat litter, the odor of cat food, and the cats of the cat.
    Is we can choose a large semi -semi -closed type. Cat sands are cleaned up and disinfected every day.
    This deepening and disinfection of the space regularly according to the actual situation, manually cleaning and disinfection of the cat's daily necessities and sources of odor every week.
    It on the choice of cat dehuminating agents and disinfectant, I recommend choosing some cats without odor to use flavoring agents and disinfectant, because the cat's sense of smell is very sensitive. The smell of smell is stimulating damage, and it depends on whether it is no residual toxic and non -toxic level. Cats usually like to lick the body. Residuality and low toxicity will cause cats to absorb the deodorant and disinfectant to the body by licking. At first, it may not cause much harm to the cat, but as the cat is continuously accumulated, it will also lead to chronic diseases in the cat.

  2. The taste of cats in the home is too heavy because cat urine contains uric acid. The only way to eliminate uric acid is to use enzyme cleaner (enzyme cleaner). Enzymes can decompose uric acid into gas and dry naturally, causing the odor on the carpet and clothing to disappear.

  3. The taste of cats at home is too heavy. You can handle the cats on a regular basis, change the cat litter, increase the number of shit daily shit, regularly clean the cat litter pot and replace all the old sand.

  4. There is a cat in the family that it tastes very heavy. You can use a cat bath to take a bath, fragrant. Coupled with the activated carbon bag, then the air at home can be much better, and it will not taste anymore.

  5. The taste is not emitted from the cat, so you need to change the cat litter pot. Cat food is placed in a dry place. Bathing and cleaning the cat on a regular basis is the key to solving the taste.

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