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  1. Is what are the cats who like sticking people
    1, puppet cats
    don't look at the size of the puppet cat. In fact, its personality is particularly gentle and quiet, and it is friendly to others. And its personality is different from other high -cold cats. Its personality is more like dogs, which is beautiful and elegant. It is known as the "fairy cat" and is one of the most suitable cat breeds that are more suitable for home.
    2, Mumbai Cat
    Mumbai cat's personality is very docile. At the same time, he especially likes to stick to the pet owner. If the pet owner stays at home, then where is the owner, where will it follow, like the owner The little tail. However, it is necessary to pay special attention to observing whether its hair is healthy in summer, because summer is the season of cat skin diseases in summer, and Most Mumbai cats are mostly black. Unfortunately, it is not easy for people to discover skin diseases.
    3, 猫 cat
    This cat's character is mild, similar to the character characteristics of the dog, cute appearance, and a very sticky cat. When the owner walks around at home, it will follow the owner from one room to another, just like the owner's loyal partner. And its well -behaved and sticky personality also makes it one of the first one of the family pet partners.

    4, Oriental Cat
    The oriental cat has inherited some of the personality characteristics of Siamese cats. It is as lively as Siamese cats. It can be said that if you have raised Siamese cats before, it is not difficult to raise a oriental cat at all. However, in order to make Oriental cats live more pleasant, the pets mainly pay attention to providing it with sufficient activity space. So if you live in the dormitory, you are not suitable for raising oriental cats.
    5, German curly cat
    , in addition to the two characteristics of "big ears" and "hair curls", German rolling cats are welcomed by many pet owners. The personality of contact is also one of the reasons for its extensive love. This cat must be very pleasing.
    6, American short -haired cats
    The appearance of American short -haired cats is thick and cute, with a good personality and pleasing personality. As long as the pet owner usually loves it when raising it, it will be very close to the pet owner's family, so this kind of cat is also suitable for families with children, because American short -haired cats will be the same as American short -haired cats. Friendship with children.
    7. The American Gang Mao Cat
    . Although the American Gangsa Cat is strong and lively, but at the same time, it is also gentle and caring. Sticky cat.

    above is some of the more sticky cats with Dr. Claw. I wonder if there is a cat you favorite?

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