Knowledge about cats and dogs

About the breeding method of cats or dogs for cats and dogs, some biological knowledge cats or dogs' habits of cats or dogs.

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  1. Cats are the purpose of carnivores (classified by zoos), with sharp claws, 5 fats in the forelimbs, and 4 toes in hind limbs. The forelimb is 1 finger than the rear limbs, which enhances the power of mouse catching. The claws are sharp and tough, with triangular hooks, which is convenient for hooks. The claws can be retracted in the finger (toe), silent on the ground, and it is not easy to catch mouse hooks when catching the mouse. The claws can be retracted in the fingers (toes), silent on the ground, and it is not easy to find mice when catcher. The eyes are extremely different from other animals. They can adjust the size of the pupil according to the strong light and weakness. When the light is strong during the day, the pupils shrink into a line shape; when the lights weakened in the West Mountain on the same day, the pupils were enlarged, round and bright, and their vision was strong. In the oral cavity, the cat's tongue is different from other animals. It can filter the bone spurs on the fish. Even if the cat eats fish quickly, the bones will not swallow the bones and cause bone stems.
    Cats are small animals. The larger ones can reach 40-45 cm in length. Weight: 4-5 kg ​​of rocky, 2-3 kg of female cats.
    The cats are constant temperature animals. The normal body temperature is 38-39 degrees, the number of breathing is 20-30 times/minute, and the heart rate is 120-140 times/minute.
    Cat's living habits
    Cats love clean and hygiene, and increase people's love. Cats generally do not urinate anytime, and immediately cover with sand, and sniff with the nose to see if it is covered. Therefore, people can set up pots in the house, and inner sand or coal ash can collect cats' feces cleanly.
    The cats attach importance to their own hygiene and have the habit of self -cleaning fur. They often use their tongue to lick the fur of the body, limbs and other parts of the fracture, keep the hair clean and bright. The female cat also helped the kitten to lick the hair and catch the lice, showing the valuable "mother love".
    Cats love bright and dry environments. During the day, unwilling to hide in the dark corner. Let the raised cats be lied on the balcony or window sill with sunlight.
    This cats are afraid of water, so can cats take a bath and swim? In fact, cats can not only take a bath, but also love to take a bath, and even swim. If you have cats in your house, whether it is a Chinese cat or a foreign cat, you can take a bath. When the cat was bathing, I started to shrink, but soon quietly went down and let you wash it. Over time, and develop the habit of bathing. If you do n’t take a bath, your appetite decreases, the skin itching, it will look uncomfortable. After the cat takes a bath, you must wipe the hair with a towel and then bask in the sun, otherwise it will dry its hair to avoid a cold.
    This cats like people to gently scratch their jaws with their hands. No matter how rusty or unwtlayed cats, they scratch their jaw, and it will lean down and tame. However, the cat is afraid of scratching its tail roots. If you scratch your tail, you will not escape immediately, or you will use your paws to counterattack you. At this point, please pay attention to
    The feeding of cats
    The cats should be kept well, so that cats have a healthy constitution
    (1) Do not let the cat eat too much. The cats that are feeding are obese and do not like to move, and develop inertia laziness. Feed according to the principle of "full day and night hunger", usually twice a day, feeding in the morning, and half full in the afternoon, let cats find mice.
    (2) The feed should be cleaned and hygienic, and cooked with special cooking utensils. Cooked foods can be stored in the refrigerator and heated to about 35 degrees when fed. Give regular quantitatives, do not feed cold food and mildew and corruption. Don't feed raw fish and meat. The tools should be washed and disinfected regularly (soaked with boiling water, and one -thousandth of a thousandth of high potassium solution can be soaked).
    (3) The salt is not much in food. There are many salt, and cat drinking water increases, easy to pull.
    (4) Drinking water should be cleaned and hygienic, and water should be replaced daily.

  2. Many people think that the biggest difference between cats and dogs is that dogs are loyal to the owner, and cats prefer loneliness. In fact, this is not completely correct. Cats also need the owner to give care and never require less than a puppy. A large number of experiments have proved that cats that get along with the owner every day, the degree of health and psychological health is compared to the cats that are not accompanied by the accompanying cat. 1. The shape of the cat and the dog is different from the eyes of the cat. The cat's claws will shrink into the toes, and the dog cannot. There are meat pads under the cat's feet, and the dog is not. 2. The difference between cats and dog food cats for protein is twice that of dogs.狗要补钙狗粮里添加钙成分3.狗的特点./question/1731912 4.猫的特点./question/2953193 这些够吗? 如果是因为自己想养宠物,而不知道养什么好的话, I suggest to see in the store that you must like it, and you will see it at first glance.

  3. Dogs don't know that cats can give him some cat litter in a basin, put his urine in it, and he would not urinate everywhere. As for eating, if you have the conditions, you can buy him some cat food.

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