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  1. 1. Gentle and pleasant Jinjira cat. Kim Jira is also called "Persian Cat". Its blood originated from the Persian cat and inherited the sweet appearance of the Persian cat. It is also a very popular variety in Europe and the United States. Sweet looks, gorgeous appearance, and noble temperament, it seems that it is very eye -catching, especially when its small pair of watery eyes faces you, can you still bear the poor appearance of its poor look? Intersection Kim Jira is gentle as a small woman, understands, and is very willing to listen to the owner's voice. It is the intimate little cotton jacket of many light mature women. Kim Jira cats likes the owner's touch very much. Some house girls who like to watch the drama can care about it while watching. Some cats accompany you to read books in the afternoon, leisurely but not alone.

    2. The gentle and smart Labrado dog. Labrador Hound is a medium and large dog. He is born with a gentle, lively, non -aggressive and intelligent. It is a dog variety suitable for being selected as a guide dog or other working dogs. One of the non -offensive dogs. It is clever, loves, can endure a lot of bad treatment from you, but it will not become irritable. For example, when you knock on its abdomen as a drum, it is lying on the ground and shaking the tail. They should receive strict obedience training, but they can become excellent pets.

    3. Golden bears with a docile personality. Golden bears are a kind of hamster. The personality is docile, and it is the earliest human pet among hamsters. Strong adaptability and low requirements for the living environment. The small body shape does not take up space, and the hygiene is easy to take care of it. Whether it is diet or sleeping, it is particularly cute. It is a typical omnivorous animal, which is not particularly particular about food and is very easy to raise. Syria, Lebanon, Israel and other places produced in western Asia, after being introduced into the United States in 1938, they officially became pet categories and were rats. Its shape is like a bear, an adult weighs 0.2 kg. In the 1990s, it was introduced in Jiande and other places in Zhejiang, China.

    4. Malzis dog in the dog. The Malzis dog is one of the oldest European play dogs. It is the most gentle, affectionate and lively among all puppies, elegant and affectionate attitudes. The proportion of the Malzis dog's body is very good, and the white hair makes it look very elegant, with a high head, and has a sense of nobleness. Attention to the owner and feelings, although the body is very small, but does not know the fear, very confident, often gives people a very vibrant feeling.

    5, lying ears rabbit. The weep -ear rabbit was discovered in the 1970s. The ears of this type of rabbit sagged. From the appearance, there were short hair, medium hair, and long hair, and the face shape was also different. Adult weighs 2.5kg and body length is about 40cm. Type -ear rabbits are the most popular pet rabbit breeds today. Unlike other rabbits, the ears of the linge rabbits are drooping down, and the shape is not very large. She has a docile personality and can be harmonious with human life.

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