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  1. Can. Snack tanks are not recommended to eat occasionally, don't eat domestic cat food, it is better to do it by yourself.
    If you do not need to be on the market for cat food, you can use mouse meat, fish, liver, chicken, rabbit meat and other meats to add a small amount of pasta, cooked potato or rice. Pay attention to the bones of fish and chicken. Take it out and not be cooked for too long and should not add salt and other seasonings. Eggs and dried cheese are also good animal protein sources, especially cheese containing extremely high calcium and phosphorus. Cats need more vitamins A and fat than other animals. In addition, an appropriate amount of taurine must be added.
    (1) Cat:
    Cats, belonging to cats, class cats, wild cats, are relatively wide pets in families around the world. The ancestors of the family cats are speculated that they are desert cats that originated in ancient Egypt. Persian Cats of Persia have been domesticated by humans for about 3500 years (but they have not been completely domesticated like dogs).
    The general cat: the head is short, the face is short, the forelimb is five fingers, the hind limbs are four toe, the toe end has sharp and curved claws, and the paws can tease and shrink. Nights.
    The hunting other animals in an ambush can climb the trees. There is a fat meat pad at the bottom of the cat's toe, so as not to make a sound when walking, and it will not start running the mouse when hunting. When traveling, the paws are in a contraction state to prevent the claws from being blunt, and it will extend when the mouse catcher and rock climbing.
    (2) 1. First of all, canned food and canned staple foods are divided by cat friends according to their nutritional ingredients. The staple food tanks are rich in nutrition and can be eaten for a long time.
    2. Snack tanks are mainly Japanese tanks, Taiwanese tanks, Thai cans. Looking at the large pieces of meat in it, the nutritional components are not comprehensive. Essence In addition, the taste of fish is derived from Thailand, and the pollution is serious. It adds seductive agents, so cats love to eat, eat cats for a long time and are not good for health. Generally, domestic cat food will be added (especially Wei Jia, I have tried Wei Wei Wei, I tried Wei Wei Wei. Jiahe imported natural cat food was put together. The cats specialized to pick Weijia to eat, so that it was not my cat, I would never feed Wei Jia). The European pot Applaws rainbow is also a snack can, the quality is good.
    3. The main food tanks are mainly beautiful cans, Wellness, Snow Mountain, EVO and other prices of 10 yuan to 30 yuan/85g, of which the highest cost -effective is Snow Mountain, 12 to 15 yuan/156g. Beautiful cans are mud -like, with comprehensive nutrition, but the palatability is not strong, but it is better than cat food.
    4. Canned food is generally better than cat food, especially for cats who do n’t like to drink water. Essence If the budget is possible, try to be canned. Cat food is accompanied by eating. I personally think that the healthy and cost -effective mix is ​​the Snow Mountain cans with the cardless cat food. If you become a cat, 300, 400 a month. Snack cans are not recommended to eat occasionally. Domestic cat food is pulled out and killed. Don't eat it again, it is better to do it yourself.

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