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  1. 10 kinds of cats that are not recommended are Romanian beasts, Thai Royal Cats, Cats, Paras Cats, Bangladesh Cats, Cats, Leopard Cats, Sands Cats, Toy Cats, and Rust Leopard Cats.
    猞猁, as a cat family, it is also called Bobcat and Bobcat. Big -eye -long ears, because he is a cold -band animal, we are subtropical regions, and it is prone to climate discomfort, soil and water dissatisfaction, so it is not recommended to raise it.
    2, Thailand Royal Cat
    The Thai Royal Cat is famous for its whole body, and is also known as white gemstone. They may have different two pupils, that is, one blue and one gold, so The price is also very expensive. It takes expensive treatment costs if you are not adapted. It is not recommended to adopt general families.
    3, cats
    Compared with other cats, the cats are slender, legs are long and short, their ears are tall and round, and the distance is very close. There are many variants. Cats' food is basically rodent, but they sometimes prey on hare, hoof rabbit, birds, crawling, insects, fish and frogs. The fierceness is too large, it is not easy to domesticate, and it is not recommended to adopt family.
    4, Pallas cat
    Palas cat can adapt to the barren and cold natural environment. It does not like to build nests. It plays a good warmth and warmth. The call is very rough. I like to go out at night. It mainly feeds on wild rats, chickens, and hare. Due to the scarce quantity, it belongs to the national protection animals. It is not recommended to raise it.
    5, Bangladesh cat
    Bangladesh cat is a hybrid variety of short -haired cats and leopard cats in Asia. They have very cool hair and healthy posture. They are friendly, gentle, and have very strong adaptability. The first three generations of breeding have very high wildness and aggressiveness, and they are considered not suitable for family adoption.
    6. Cats
    Small cats, one of the top ten banned cats in the world, are also a kind of carnivorous cat, which is still much larger than pet cats in our family. It is also very scarce now, and it is one of the protected cats. It is also one of the banned cats that belong to the national protection animals and do not recommend raising.
    7, Leopard Cat
    The leopard cat is a smaller meat -eating animal. It has many yellow and black spots on the body. It is very lonely and often at night. Leopard cats mainly inhabits near the forest land and country bushes in the mountains. They are good at hiding the nest in rocks and tree caves. It is difficult to tame and not recommend breeding.
    8, dunes cat
    The sand dune cat is about 50 cm in length, 30 cm in length, and an average adult weight is about 2.7 kg. The head is wide; the ears are large and sharp. The body hair is sandy yellow, with light and dark stripes on the body, and sometimes it is basically invisible. It is most obvious in African subspecies that are not recommended due to environmental problems.
    9, toy tiger cat
    This Tiger cat is also called tiger skin cat. The unique appearance and hair color make it more similar to the tiger. It has amber -colored body and black spots. When you see it at first glance, you will feel a little tiger. Like a tiger, the toy tiger cat's body is very strong, and the breeding can hurt people. It is recommended not to raise it.
    10, rust leopard cats
    rust -spotted leopard cats are the smallest wild cats in the world. Its size is very small, but it is very flexible and often prey on the tree. This cat is mainly living in India and Nipper. In the country and other countries, this cat is prohibited from hunting and privately raising it. It is illegal.

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