What should I pay attention to when raising cats for the first time?

I have raised dogs before, and I have n’t raised cats ... What should I pay attention to? And ... Cats will use cat litter by themselves? Will it urinate anywhere? How can I have a cat?

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  1. Novice cats should pay attention not to pay too much attention to cats. We must maintain a relaxed mentality every day. Timely injection of vaccines to repeat the body and exile internal and external deworming. Feed simple and digestible foods every day, spend a certain time to play with cats. Hair, keep the cat's living environment, just do it.
    Cats belong to cats, and they are more widely of pets in the world. The ancestors of the family cats are speculated that they were desert cats in ancient Egypt. Persian Persian cats have been domesticated by humans for 3500 years (but they have not been completely domesticated like dogs). General cats: round heads, short faces, five fingers in the forelimb, the hind limbs, the toe of the hind limbs, the sharp and curved claws at the toe end, the claws can tease and shrink, and have night vision.
    The hunting other animals in an ambush can climb the trees. There is a fat meat pad at the bottom of the cat's toe, so as not to make a sound when walking, and it will not start running the mouse when hunting.
    The paws are in a contraction state when traveling, preventing the claws from being blunt, and extending when the mouse catcher and rock climbing. The cat's body is divided into five parts: head, neck, trunk, limbs, and tail. Most parts are covered with hair, and a few are hairless cats. There is a fat meat pad at the bottom of the cat, so walking silently, the mouse will not be shocked when the mouse is trapped, and the toe end has sharp nails. Claws can indent and extend. The cat shrinks into the claws when resting and walking, and only stretches out during the mouse catching and climbing to prevent the nails from being blunt.
    The cats have five fingers in their forelimbs, and there are four fingers in the rear limbs. Cat's teeth are divided into incidents, canine teeth and molars. The canine teeth are particularly developed and sharp. It is suitable for the mouse that is killed. The chewing surface of the molars has sharp protrusions, which is suitable for chewing the meat; the door tooth is not developed.
    It the answer to help you, other questions want to consult the pet doctor, click the avatar below, and conduct free 1 to 1 consultation.

  2. We must first understand the habits and characteristics of cats, and then judge whether we really need cats and cats to raise cats in conjunction with our own situation.
    Whether it is adopted cats or kittens purchased, you must first check the cat's physical condition to eliminate hidden dangers of human and livestock; In addition, the cat needs to be vaccinated and deworming. Reduce the chance of cat disease.
    MONING do not feed any food except cat food and cat snacks in the daily diet of cats. Good cat food is enough to meet the daily nutritional needs of cats; Select the smell and dust. For example, tofu cats are less dusty, and the group can be rushed directly from the toilet.

  3. cats
    The novices will encounter a lot of problems that do not understand when raising cats for the first time, such as when vaccine, milk, how to feed cats to eat, etc. These are all we must To understand the content, the following editors summarize five points for everyone, hoping to help some masters of the first cat.
    . Do cats must vaccine?
    This must be vaccinated in time to prevent the occurrence of malignant infectious diseases such as cat plague. Because the cat plague virus is quite harmful to the kitten of less than four months, and the virus can be transmitted without direct contact, so for the kitten to grow up healthily, please give your baby in time to give you your baby in time vaccination.
    The vaccination time is about 12 weeks of the kitten, two times before one year old, twice interval 20 days, once a year. For details on vaccination, please refer to the relevant articles on this site.
    . Can kittens take a bath?
    It can't take a bath before vaccine! The kitten who does not have vaccines is very low. It is easy to take a bath and cause more serious problems. It is recommended to take a bath after the vaccine! If the kitten gets dirty because of the naughty, you can consider wipe it with a hot towel or brush it with a brush.
    It can take a bath after the vaccine. If the short hair cat can be washed every few months, the long hair cat once a month is enough. Usually to combing Mimi hair can also ensure the cleaning of Mimi. Because cats need to secrete sebum to protect their hair. If they are washed too much and the skin protection ability decreases, it will cause skin cancer, and it is best to use pet fragrance waves to avoid people with shampoo and violin.
    keeping cleaning at home is the most effective way.
    3. Can you feed milk?
    Answer: Don't feed the kitten. The 8 -week kitten can live independently, and he can eat cat food by himself. The ingredients of cat milk and milk are different. Some cats do not have digestive enzymes that can digest milk. Eating milk can cause diarrhea. It is recommended that he only gives him the cat's cat food.
    . Can I feed meat or cans?
    In addition to cat food, it is recommended to eat a little meat food for kittens a week, but do not measure too much, just a few small pieces of nail cover. If you can chew it, it is even better to feed the kitten, because the kitten's digestive system is lacking a kind of enzyme, and this enzyme can be provided by human saliva. This is conducive to the digestion and absorption of the kitten.
    Is for canned cats, it is not recommended to eat Mimi for less than four months. If you must feed, it is recommended to mix rice with a little canned rice before eating them. Because canned cats is a high -energy and high -protein food, just like a big meal that people eat during the Spring Festival. Every time they feed them directly, they may cause indigestion. And carbohydrates like rice rice are good for cat growth.
    It should be noted that eating canned or pure meat when the kitten is less than three months old. It is easy to cause indigestion. Because his digestive organs are very delicate and lack a lot of digestive enzymes, they will be thinner when they are not digested well. They can feed some lactase to regulate his gastrointestinal function (preferably the lactase).
    The kittens still soften the cat food with warm water. Eat less meals, don't eat too greasy foods.
    5. Dietary precautions
    It should develop a good habit of snack cat food. You can try to mix with cat food with the foods you like to gradually reduce the amount of food until it is completely used until it is completely used. Cat food. When changing foods for cats or adding new foods, please gradually add them to his original food until his digestive system can successfully accept new foods and avoid indigestion. The kittens are already able to control the amount of food by themselves. If you keep the cat food in the basin, they will eat it by themselves when they are hungry. In addition, pay attention to feeding: timing, quantitative, fixed -point.
    6. Companion is very important
    . Although cats are unique, cats need the owner to accompany it to play with the cat, help the cat massage, touch the chin to pat the buttocks are all cats like cats like Things are not like a netizen said that cats like to stay quietly. In fact, healthy cats need to accompany it more with the owner, touch it more, and pay more attention to it.
    This, a small animal, is sensitive, timid, independent, and willful. During the breeding process, cats may do something that makes you unhappy. Don't scold the cat easily. Many things are causal, appropriate Training cats can make cats grow better.

  4. As a pet, for the first time we raise a cat, it is best to buy a professional cat house and a professional cat to prevent us from buying sick cats. The second is his diet. It has reached a new environment. Cats will definitely not adapt. We need to give her more patience and love, prepare their nests to make him feel warm. You must also pay attention to buying some cat food and cat litter for it. If you do n’t buy cat litter, it will find a place in the room and it will be pulled and very smoky. In addition, you must give it on time. Take a bath and deworming, otherwise it sometimes hurts people's health. After buying the cat for the first time, it is a very happy thing. From then on, we have been equivalent to one more child and a lifetime partner, but before he decided to raise a kitten cat, he decided to raise a kitten. It is best to prepare for a lifetime of raising it for a lifetime, because once the cat is placed in the wild, the life span is only three to four years, and it will be very miserable. So if it is not prepared, it is impossible to raise it lightly. We have to be responsible for it. Cat is also a magical species that was regarded as a mouse -catching artifact in 2500 BC, because its mild, cute, and quiet characteristics brought people in a batch of endless joy. People who like cats now also More and more. So if we are the first time we are raising a cat, we must pay attention to some matters. When we start raising a kitten, please do not buy sick cats. First of all, we can choose the initial judgment of cats. For novices, you can choose cats of more than three months. Such cats can eat cat food and defecate themselves, without having to spend time and energy. In this regard, for the owners who like kittens It must be experienced after you have experienced it.
    Is before preparing to raise cats, you must prepare things for cats, such as cages, air boxes, or small iron cages. Scared by a strange environment.

  5. 1. If you have weaned cats, you can buy cat food. It is recommended to buy jumping cat food. There are milk balls for kittens. At first, my cats were very cheerful. Nutrition was absolutely okay. PS, I don’t advertise. ^_ ^
    2. It is more troublesome to use ordinary sand and unhygienic cleaning. Go buy a cat sand. When the first time the sand, put the cat in the cat. It can go there when you have a natural nature. When you clean it, just use a cat sand shovel to clean it once a week. Clean up once every two or three days.
    3. If it is a cat who does not go out often. Basically, it is enough to wash it once every three weeks. Cats are very afraid of water. So be careful when washing. Wipe dry or use a small stall wind in time. Our cats are very enjoyable every time we blow it `~~~
    4. Generally speaking If you patrol your own, you will find your own place. If you must let it sleep in a specific place, it is best to put the nest in your bedroom. Cats do not like lonely. Give it a soft cushion! If you are comfortable, cats will like to sleep inside. Try to put it in the nest and slowly touch it until it lay down in the nest. Be sure to have a place to grind your claws, or you must be careful of your sofa .. If possible, go to buy a cat climbing rack. This is like Disneyland. In general, a table tennis is enough for it to play it. If you go to work during the day, you must remember to go home at night and give it caressing it to scratch the chin.
    6. This is the nature of cat love to play. When you grow up, you will converge
    I wish you a happy relationship with the cats and cats ~ Meow `

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