1 thought on “What fruits and vegetables can Cock dog eat?”

  1. What fruits and vegetables can be eaten as follows:
    1, broccoli is composed of buds and stems. In addition to containing carotene and abundant maintenance, it also contains iron and food fiber. food.
    2, in addition to many types of nutrients, pumpkin also contains high cellulose, and also has a good effect on improving the dog's constipation.
    3, soybeans are rich in plant protein, which is very beneficial to the improvement of dogs to improve nutrition. The Champions League dog food reminds you that if you want dogs to eat soybeans, you can use water to cook soybeans until soft and rotten.
    4, soy noodles are grinded with dried soybeans to make soy powder not only protein, but also rich in minerals and food fiber, but also contain fatty acids, which is also effective for improving dog hair loss.
    5, the taste of carrots is crunchy, and it can also supplement the dog to supplement a lot of vitamins, so it can also be eaten for Corgi dogs.

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