4 thoughts on “What kind of dogs are the most friendly to people?”

  1. Dogs are very friendly animals and are even more loyal to people. However, not all dog breeds are friendly to people, and some dog breeds are also very strong. So, we do n’t want to encounter a dog, so we will go. However, these varieties of dogs are not the same. They are very friendly to people, and they are even friendly to strangers than their owners. As their shoveling officers, it is estimated that they live in vinegar jar every day.

    Golden hair
    Golden hair is a particularly friendly dog ​​species. They are stable and friendly to people. However, they are friendly to people and are just as friendly to anyone. They are gentle to the owner, but they are also gentle to strangers. Some people say that if Golden Retriever saw the thief at home at home, then golden retriever might bring the thief to visit the home! For the friendly and gentle dog like Golden Retriever, don't expect it to look at the home nursing homes, let it go out as a communication flower, but it is more suitable. Maybe you can help you find this life.
    Labrador as a good brother of golden retriever, and the two dogs are often mentioned together. Labrador looks more thick than Golden Rather, with a stupid temperament. However, they are not stupid, but they are very smart. Their character is similar to that of golden retriever, and they are always very friendly to people. It can be said that they are all eaten by young and old. Labrado is also recognized as an offensive dog. Generally, they will never have any attacks, and they are very tolerant of people, to dogs to other animals.
    three brothers of the sled
    The three brothers of the sled dog are also recognized as an offensive dog breed! Don't look at them seemingly difficult to mess with, but in fact they are just silly, and they are very persuasive. Let them skil up can be said to be strong, but they are definitely nothing. For example, Husky looks like a wolf. In fact, there is no wolf nature on his body. I probably have to counsel when I see a teddy. This kind of dogs, don't say hostility to strangers, or have enthusiasm for strangers than the owner.

  2. Of course, it is a Chinese pastoral dog, not only friendly to people. The main thing is that the personality is also docile.

  3. I think one is the golden retriever. Golden retriever is known as the "warm man" of the dog world. Generally, golden retriever never actively attacked people. It has a good temper. There is also a pet version of the Chinese pastoral dog.

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