5 thoughts on “How do hunters call pets in World of Warcraft?”

  1. After level 10, he will take the task of capturing the beast in the trainer
    . He will ask you to catch three beasts. After doing these tasks, you will learn to grab the pet skills. Skills
    Each trainer is doing tasks in your birth, and the second village is done.
    It you can only grasp the pets that are the same as you or your level are lower than you. Pets that are higher than you are caught

    The method of grabbing pets is very simple. Inside, apply skills to the beasts, and wait for the progress bar. Note that when you put this skill, you can't move. The beasts can't move if you hit you. After learning the frozen trap in the future, you can put a frozen trap before catching (you can settle him for a while)

  2. After level 10, you must go to the trainer to pick up the task. After finishing, you can catch the baby. If the level is higher, you can pick up the task. You can learn to summon, feed and resurrect ...

  3. LR's pets are not summoned.
    The is domesticated through the monsters of the "beasts" in the wild.
    10 can learn this skill after doing tasks ~~~

  4. Hunter's pet is grabbed. By the time of level 10, you can receive this pet professional task at the hunter trainer. The task is very simple, that is, let you grab the three nearby pets, and each one can get a lot of experience. After grabbing 3, you can learn to catch pets, and then the trainer will let you go to your main city to find a hunter trainer, and you can learn how to feed, resurrect, dissolve, and summon your pet. At more than 20 levels, you can also learn a skill that is the knowledge of beasts. You can clearly see the attributes, skills, whether you can tame, and use it well. It is best to grab the pets, because attributes will be higher than ordinary ones.

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