2 thoughts on “How can a dog be thinner to get fat?”

  1. The dog is thin. If you want to feed it, you can consider eating more nutritious foods for dogs, such as lean meat, chicken breasts, chicken legs, canned food, etc. However, it is also not good for dogs to be fat. Over -fat dog diabetes, high cholesterol disease, hyperlipidemia and other diseases will increase. And be careful not to give the dog too much fat, otherwise it is easy to cause dogs to suffer from acute pancreatitis.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question. I am sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~nHello, I have seen your question ~ Now I am manually editing the content for you, but it takes a little time, please wait patiently, thank you, thank younHello, you can choose chicken, egg yolk, and calcium to add to the dog. Chicken is a better food for dogs, especially chicken breasts. Because chicken breasts do not contain excess fat, it is an indispensable ingredient for animal protein. Especially when the dog's gastrointestinal is relatively weak, eating high -protein and low -calorie chicken breasts are the most suitable. The advantage of egg yolk is not only rich in protein, but also contain vitamin A, calcium and minerals that are easy to digest and absorb, which is a very good choice. However, it should be noted that do not eat the egg yolk for dogs, because raw egg yolk contains Salmonella, E. coli, etc., consumption may cause dogs to be diluted, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc. It is possible to add a little calcium to the dog, especially puppies with poor constitution. Dogs need to feed some calcium from the puppies. The amount of exercise during growth is greater, and calcium is needed. So feeding puppies every day can add an appropriate amount of calcium powder to the food. Hope to help you ~nIf you can feed the nutrients for dogs, you still cannot grow quickly, and you can also eat nutrient cream for the dog. Nutrition cream is not the same as food. The nutritional paste contains several times that of food, so if you want to supplement the dogs with nutrients, you can feed the dogs with nutrition cream. There are many kinds of nutritional creams in pet products stores. If you do n’t know how to choose, you can choose a good reputation. When you feed food, you can mix the appropriate amount of nutrient cream or eat it directly.nAsk the nutritional foods, but it is not long.nAnswer a little nutrition cream, otherwise you will go to the hospital to check if the dog is parasitic, and go to the deworming ~nDo you think there are other questions? I need to help you answer it for younI hope the above answers are helpful to you [Happy] ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it [Laughs] ~ Thank you here for [you know]n6 morenBleak

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