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  1. Dancsics, the rookie of "Lone Ranger", talked about the ideal of his salary in the interview, that is, "buy a tiger as a pet". Perhaps this European supernova believes that only the king of beasts should be his pet. There are also several pets raised by NBA stars that can refresh the official worldview. Let's take a look at the wonderful pets of NBA stars. 1. Howard and Snakes count the wonderful pets raised by NBA stars on the bed: Monkey Shark Gel Camel NBA Star Dwatter Howard likes cold -blooded snakes. He had a nest of snakes in his house, and he could reach up to 20 different snakes. Howard likes to name his pet snake, such as George, Mickey, Minnie and so on.
    Mipping all the pet snakes in Howard, Howard's favorite is a snake named George. Howard even allowed George to climb to bed with him. 2. It is difficult to imagine that Poland's pet Gortat is not a cat or dog, but a pig or a real pig. Gutt's pig is not the kind of mini pig. It weighs at least one hundred pounds. Gett was photographed with pet pigs to the supermarket. Geter had a soft spot for pigs. But later I heard that Gottart just took a picture. 3. Anthony's camel thunder star Cameron Anthony's pet is not ordinary. His pet is a camel. Anthony bought a camel in 2011 and raised at home. In addition, Anthony was exposed to the camel online. According to US media reports, Horvard, who played for the Lakers, shared the hobby of snake breeding with reporters in an interview. Now he has 25 snakes.
    is worth mentioning that the Lakers defender Dannigling is also a snake -loving person. I was licking, hugging the snake, and went back to sleep! The Lakers have exposed 25 snakes, and Green also has this love for how to show their love for animals since childhood. I like to watch TV programs such as "Animal Planet" and "National Geographic". Howard originally planned to run a zoo, but he had no time, so the plan had to be stranded. Howard once raised a German shepherd in India, a Australian flying kangaroo, and adopted a tiger. But Warcraft's biggest hobby is snake raising. There are expensive snake tanks in his mansion. World of Warcraft also actively communicates with snakes and names its snake. Howard hired a person to take care of his snake, but Howard deliberately consulted the professional breeders in the zoo to understand the situation of the raising snake.
    Sometimes Howard's snake climbed out of the snake jar and climbed to the bed. Howard didn't care. Howard revealed that he suddenly woke up while sleeping at night, and found a snake named George wrapped around his arm, licking his face. It was a python. Howard hugged the python and fell asleep again. Howard had a snake named Minnie, and it gave birth to 17 children. In order to control the number of snakes he raised, he left three little snakes and gave others all. Many NBA stars have a hobby of snake breeding. Danny Green raised snakes when playing for the Spurs. This season, he and Howard became teammates, and they could just exchange the experience of raising snakes.

  2. With the development of the times, pets have become more and more popular. Cute and well -behaved pets can add a lot of fun to daily life and can accompany us. For the NBA superstar, they have a generous net worth, and they basically want to raise any pets. In addition, the stars are usually bold, and the strange pets are endless. Today, let's take a look at the NBA superstars. Pets.
    Orvard is the first center of the former league. He is an optimistic big boy. He worked hard for 16 years in NBA for 165 million US dollars. In life, Howard also likes pets. When participating in the show, Howard said that he liked pet snake most. In his big villa, a total of 25 snakes were raised. Although many fans seemed crazy, Howard felt that the snake was docile and quiet. Snake intimate contact.
    is worth mentioning that Howard's teammate Dannigling is also a snake -raising expert. He also has several cool snakes in his home. Green has repeatedly displayed on social media.
    Thompson's ROCCO can be said to be the most famous dog in NBA. For Thompson, Rocco is his family. Thompson will take him everywhere, play together, travel together, go to the beach to walk together, and will take the dog to participate in business activities. Rocco has a high popularity, and even many peripheral products, it seems to be pet stars.
    McMiller is a strong forward. In the peak, he was one of the best shooters, and helped the Heat win the championship. As a handsome guy, Miller raised a little monkey when he was young, and had made a lot of trouble. Once the little monkey opened the door and ran out, and rode a dog running around. In the end, Miller rushed back to "clean up" the monkey.
    The taste of Polish hammer Gutt is relatively unique. As a tall center, Gutt's favorite animal is a pig. He once raised a pet pig, and he ate his body. Interestingly, Gotatt liked this pet pig, and once took it to visit the mall, which attracted widespread attention.
    Anthony is called social melon. His career has achieved high achievements, and he is also domineering side leakage outside the field. Anthony's pets are also very special. He once raised a camel and took a group photo of the camel many times. It can be said that it was interesting.
    Big Shark O'Neal is a famous living treasure. He is domineering in the field, and is a humorous big boy in his life. O'Neal has also raised a lot of pets, of which tigers are definitely the most domineering. O'Neal once raised two Bangladesh tigers, tall and powerful, very domineering. O'Neal not only fed them, but also took them to attend the event. Big sharks raised the big white tiger. This style of painting is indeed powerful.

  3. Social Gua Anthony raised a camel, and the great shooter McMiller had a little monkey. Polish hammer Gotatt was a typical large head star. His pet was very cute and a dull pet pig.

  4. Jordan raised a lion, and Batum raised 5 chickens. Rodman raised three camels, all of which were all kinds of pets. The animals that superstars liked were different.

  5. McGrady raised a Haba dog, Tatum raised 10 rabbits, and Abyst raised 3 lions. They were very unique pets. They all loved their pets.

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