The type of dog raising in rural areas

What dogs do you usually raise in the countryside, what is the breed of dogs?

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  1. The type of dog raising in rural areas is a Chinese pastoral dog. It is traditionally referred to as "earth dogs". Some places in the north are also called "firewood dogs". About 25 ~ 55 cm high, weighing about 10 ~ 30 kg.
    is a native dog breed that needs to be saved. In the past, it was widely existed in the rural Han and Southeast Asia regions of China. Now the urbanization is also widely regarded as a pet dog.

    Extension information
    The behavioral habits of Chinese pastoral dogs:
    Right -level system: There is also a "hierarchical system" in group living. Establishing such an order can maintain the stability of the entire group and reduce the fighting and war caused by the struggle of food, living space and the opposite sex.
    The circle of bedtime: Before lying down, always turn around and determine that there is no danger before going to bed with peace of mind.
    The like to be touched: belly and back like to be caressed by others.
    The attitude towards strangers: The code of behavior to strangers is to judge the strength of the opponent based on the height of their sight.
    The belly: Dogs let people look at its belly to express surrender, confirm and obey, and coquettish. The dog would never attack the opponent who exposed his belly.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Chinese Rural Dog

  2. Hybrid dog-string! If anyone can tell you what this series is, that's all flickering you! Involved in genetic inheritance! Many things can't be seen! No matter what the string of string (the name of the purebred dog's name is not approved as a reference, there is no relative market evaluation, which does not have the meaning of purebred reproduction). It just represents itself! Its destiny!
    It what is like saying what is or what dog is doing what dog vendors do! Do not continue this kind of irresponsible dog vendor behavior ...

    Human breeding dogs have today's diversification (artificial rather than natural-for example, shepherds need dogs to help shepherds and sheep and sheep Hunters need dogs to help hunter to watch the home care home to cultivate some fierce and sturdy guard type dog species, etc.)! The birth of a dog species is the choice of human directional selection (the most common method of science) and finally stabilize the nature of the dog species (the body proportional structure character is fixed) and then recognizes the name of purebred dogs and related to the dog industry organization Breeding background and breeding requirements!

    The concept of modern purebred breeding is to stabilize their breed characteristics and prevent dog breed diseases! Instead of mixing at will! Various unstable factor dogs! Not some people say that the string is healthy than purebred dogs! This is completely unaware of some people in China! The result of the unscrupulous approach of some people! It is not the concept of purebred breeding .. We can respect the skewers of life! But we should not flood this kind of thinking to flood these proliferation phenomena ... (I do n’t know what dogs you can grow long, long, and long-character. Sadly) The body structure of the hybrid dogs that are not in the same proportion and unconnected system will have serious problems! The existence of severe distortion and other problems ... So the abandoned hybrid dogs have the most (this is the reason to promote purebred breeding-but understand the real breeding reason for real meaning)

  3. Chinese pastoral dogs, wolf dogs (black back, wolf green, Kunming dogs), firewood dogs, Tibetan dogs (not Tibetan mastiffs), boss dogs, Liangshan dogs, these are relatively famous, but most of them are stringed, complicated, there is no certainty, no certainty is certain Standards and laws to raise

  4. There are many types of dogs in the world. However, in the countryside, it is very single and unified.
    Generally, ordinary dogs, dogs, and wolf dogs, and lion dogs.
    mainly to look at home nursing homes.

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