5 thoughts on “What kind of medicine does a dog take for a cold?”

  1. If the dog has a cold cold, such as flowing nose, sneezing, cough, etc., you can feed Azithromycin, nickee or amoxicillin, but it must be a dog -specific drug; It is necessary to go to pet hospital for treatment in time. The fastest way is infusion.
    It can choose some cold granules used by children. Generally, take half a bag at a time. Children take a cold granules, and their medicinal properties are generally milder, and dogs will not have problems with dogs. (Of course, if you are not sure, it is best to consult the veterinarian to pull the veterinarian before choosing a cold.)
    If it is determined that the pet dog is a viral cold. Then it is necessary to choose some oral solutions for anti -cold viruses, take 1 one every day, and take it twice a day. (Of course, you should also consult the veterinarian first.) You can also choose "Amoxicin" to take orally. According to the 10 kilograms of pet dogs with a weight of about 100 mg, you can feed the dog for about 100 mg. Take it a week in a row and eat 2-3 times a day.
    The American Pet Research Association confirmed that drinking more chicken soup has a wonderful effect on the treatment of colds. So you can feed some delicious chicken soup for a cold pet dog. In addition, you can also feed some radish, drink ginger soup, brown sugar tea, eat less salt, and mix some honey in dog food appropriately. This is helpful to treat dogs with a cold.
    It the answer to help you, other questions want to consult the pet doctor, click the avatar below, and conduct free 1 to 1 consultation.

  2. The dog has a cold saying: cold injury wind. Hot cold. Our puppy will also have a headache and brain heat. And sometimes accompanied by diarrhea vomiting. Aimed at a cold. My personal method is: feeding children cold granules. Banlangen granules. The effect is good. Dose should not be too much. But Banlangen is the nature of Chinese medicine. It is good for drinking more. Occasionally drinking sugar water. One -third of the 3 -minute amount of galcin solution can also effectively treat cold symptoms. And stop pulling diarrhea and vomiting. Basically 2 times a day. Dose as appropriate.
    The diet should be appropriately changed when the dog is sick. Because at this time the dog's appetite will be very bad. Can't feed things messy. You can feed some rice soup and oatmeal. Glucose water. Do not eat if the diarrhea is serious. Stop diarrhea (素omycin). Add glucose water and salt water.
    If conditions permit, it is matched with nutrition cream.

  3. It is best to take only antidiarrheal medicine if you have a cold and diarrhea. Well, the doctor went to the pet hospital to say nothing, and give the dog a small bottle of water seemingly bitter. The dog is unwilling to drink it every time she feeds her. If the dog goes to the hospital as soon as the dog has a cold, the dog's resistance will be bad in the future, which will be worse.

  4. Two or three months of dogs need to test a cold in time to test whether it is infectious disease, so as not to delay the condition.
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  5. Dog cold treatment method
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