4 thoughts on “What are the most popular pet dogs? Do I have to give dogs vaccine when raising dogs?”

  1. At present, the most popular pet dogs are Labrador, Golden Retriever, Samoyed Corgi, because these four dogs can often be seen on the street. Like the small county in the 18th line where Xiaobian is located, there are people raising golden retriever and Corgi, but no one raises a horse or Czech Wolf Dog. When raising dogs, you must give the dogs vaccine, otherwise it will leave a hidden danger to cause the dog's body to have problems. This is very bad.
    The varieties in the world are very many. For example, those who are more popular abroad are probably the country, Berne Mountain, German Mu, and Golden Retriever. In the country, it is more popular with the above 4 varieties of dogs, because the golden retriever's temperament is better, and it will not occur when walking the dog. And Labrador and Samoyed are also very cute, making humans feel good and want to raise it. Corgi's body shape is relatively small. When walking the dog, it is very easy to pull. Even if the dog doesn't want to leave, the owner can hold Corgi home, not so difficult. However, the owner must be more cautious when feeding Cocky. Corki should not be too fat, otherwise the dog's weight will increase severely, which is very bad for health.
    This people have no knowledge before raising dogs. They think that raising dogs is very simple, just give the dog full. In fact, this is not the case. Raising dogs must be vaccinated, so as to ensure the health of the dog and not allow some diseases on the dog. Among them, rabies vaccine must be beaten, otherwise the dog will suddenly erupt rabies. At this time, you can only euthanasia, because the rabies have no way to cure. The owner also needs to repeat the dog to remove insects, so as to ensure the health of the dog and not allow the dog to infect parasites.
    It must be carried by the dog when walking the dog, otherwise the dog is likely to throw or bite other puppies. Walking the dog also let the dog find a place to defecate, and then pick up these shit without leaving it on the ground.

  2. At present, the most popular pet dogs include golden retriever, Alaska, Corgi and so on. If you raise dogs, it is still necessary to give the dogs vaccine to avoid being caught by them.

  3. Husky, Alaska, Samoyed, Corgi, Border Shepherd, Bomei, VIP. Must be vaccinated so that dogs can prevent dogs being violated by rabies virus.

  4. The most popular is Teddy, Border Shepherd, De Mu, Husky, Alaska. It must be to be used. These vaccines can protect the dog from being damaged by virus.

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