5 thoughts on “I'm afraid of dogs”

  1. To be precise, it is a kind of self -implied and forced heart. If you want to improve such a problem, the most direct and effective effect is to refute the shallow consciousness that he implies in your heart. For example, when you see the dog, the landlord will first feel the condition of the condition reflex. A very small dog, I think the original poster will be more or less psychological reflection and fear. Psychological compulsory is that there is no danger in objective understanding, but the supervisor has forced this feeling. It is recommended that the host contact the dog a little bit, starting with a very small puppy, or raising a very small and very small dog. When everything in my heart becomes natural, the problem will be solved. Dandong-Family Dog Bao-Xiaoyi

  2. You are still afraid of dogs, and it doesn't matter. People have a weakness, they are afraid of dogs, and they are afraid of snakes, but you want to solve it. You still rely on your psychological quality. The mentality of the mentality, let yourself come into contact with this pet dog slowly, you will not be afraid of the dog

  3. Many people have this phenomenon, not you alone.
    Dogs are human friends, and most dogs will not attack humans. So don't worry too much.
    If afraid of dogs, when you see dogs, pay attention not to look at the dog. If you ignore its existence, the dog will not attack you. The more you stare at it, the more fear of the dog.
    So it is also important to cultivate good psychological quality.

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