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  1. If the dog is very fierce to the owner, it must not work. We must train this kind of dog in time. Generally, the dogs are very good at 8 months ago. It is more difficult for dogs to train words. Of course, it is not completely impossible to teach at all, but it only takes some effort.
    It, there are usually two methods when domesticated dogs. One means is to seduce dogs with some benefits, such as using dogs to eat things that they particularly like to seduce dogs. It is to threaten dogs and use some violence to resolve dogs. Of course, we can't fight too hard, but just gently knocking the dog with some lighter things, he still plays a role of alertness. Because we want to let the dog understand what it looks good and what it looks like. When the dog is particularly fierce to us, we can find a small stick to knock him gently and let him know not good. Next time, when the dog is particularly gentle to us, we can all reward some delicious food.
    If the dog is particularly fierce to the owner, this dog will definitely get in the foot after a long time. In addition, if we cannot correct the dog in time, then the dog will think that this behavior is correct. When you meet someone else, the dog may bite people. This is not alarmist. We need to know that dogs are not people. If you can't correct mistakes in time, it is not a good thing for dogs.
    we can often enhance their feelings with dogs. For example, when we are at home, we can buy some dogs who like to toys and play with dogs. If the weather is relatively clear, then we can go out with the dog, and insist on walking the dog in the morning and evening today, this will definitely enhance the relationship with the dog. Let the dog know that we are its owner, and let the dog know that we are dependent, so that the dog will not be fierce to us.

  2. Bomei's temper is a bit arrogant. The most important thing is that when your family was a child, she was used to it. In her consciousness, she was your master. If you dare to move her, she will clean up you, so the key is to discipline. The method has loud reprimation. You can eat first and let her watch it. After eating, I will lose a little bit to her. When she bites, she must hit her mouth and reprimand it loudly (don't be too hard, I hate the dog most, I hate hitting dogs the most. The person) Choose a specific slogan when the reprimand is fixed, and she disciplines her several times. While she was arrogant and disobedient, she grinned in porcelain teeth, so don't look at her in her cage, until she softened and begged. It is better to be gentle for dogs, but the owner is the owner, pets, and owners intimately, and the failure of discipline.

  3. If the dog is not yet an adult, the puppy is domesticated, and it is usually completed before 8 months of the dog. If the dog has bad habits, you must quickly correct it, otherwise the dog will be difficult to manage when you grow up.
    If the dog is an adult, it means that you are not the owner in its heart, and this dog cannot be raised again.
    Dogs: belong to the spine animal doors, vertebrates asian doors, mammalia, real beast subclase, carnivorous eyes, cracked feet, and dogs. Chinese is also known as "Dog". Dogs are carnivorous and are distributed around the world. Dogs and horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens are called "six beasts". Dogs are called "the most loyal friend of human beings", and now they are the most breeding pets. Its life span is more than ten years.
    The advantages of dogs:
    ① care dogs: guardian human safety and property, home care house, etc.
    ② Playing dogs: companion, reward, etc.
    ③ hunting dog: hunting charge, etc.
    ④ livestock dogs: shepherd, shepherd, etc.
    ⑤ Medical dogs: Because dogs are optimistic, they are suitable for taking care and accompanying heart diseases, depression patients, and autistic patients.
    ⑥ Nursing dogs: people who take care of their own difficulties, paralyzed people, etc.
    hu Guide Dogs: The responsibility of the dog is heavier than the care of the dog. Most of the hosts need to be accompanied by the owner. Guide the owner to cross the road, dogs go to buy things alone.
    ⑧ Military dogs: Army dogs, police dogs, customs anti -drug dogs, airport gunpowder monitoring dogs, etc.
    Search and rescue dogs: avalanches, earthquakes, fires and other disasters occur for search and rescue work.
    traffic dogs: For example, the Eskimo people near the Arctic Circle and some people in Northeast China use "sled dogs".
    Performance dogs: Most of the circus has dogs specially used for performance, many identical collar, talent, etc.
    This Dog's training period:
    ① The most ideal period of training is about 70 days after puppies are born. The fastest growth of dogs was one year after birth. During this period, the brain gradually developed and learned a critical period. During the puppies, if you want to correct it for 2-3 months, then it takes longer to correct adult dogs, and no matter how large dogs can receive training.
    ② puppies at this age of five to six months are starting to live independently and accept new things from the outside world, which is easier to cultivate.
    ③ When the dog's stomach is hungry, training is a good time. In order to get the food in your hand, it will carefully obey your instructions, and this method has a role in dogs at different ages. But do not make him starve to, just train before meals.
    The training of dogs:
    ① often takes dogs out to play to increase feelings: The relationship between dogs and human beings is gradually cultivated. If it is a new puppy who bought it home, then the murderer is normal. Because the dog and you are not familiar with you, you have to take it out to play often, and give it more delicious food, so that the dog will be close to you soon. If it is familiar, it will not be fierce.
    ② Looking at the dog's emotions, dogs also have emotional changes: like people, dogs also have emotional changes cycle. Your dog will yell to you a few times to vent your emotions. Remember that the dog cannot be a murderer, you must give it a small punishment to remember it.
    ③ to find out who Xu Dog is fierce to who, the dog who plays the game barks.
    ④ Respect the dog, don't stare at the dog: In the dog's language, if you stare at it, you want to fight. If you have a pet dog, don't stare at it, especially when you just raise it, you stare at the dog, and the dog will feel that you are provoking it. You, screaming for you.
    ⑤ Fun dogs, so that the dog loves you and fear of you.

  4. 说出来不怕你伤心~狗就是奴隶就是欠~这就是蹬鼻子上脸的典型~rn你不能太惯他了~你家狗狗估计是生活条件太好~你们对他太好~让He thought he was the owner of the family ~
    It, you are all accompanying it ~ It had bitten you before you did not hit him ~ I just told him that he was not wrong ~ so he would be even more rampant in the future ~
    treats Dogs are like a dog ~ It should be gentle when it is gentle ~ It should be ruthless ~ Especially when they make mistakes ~ must not be soft -hearted! Otherwise, it is ourselves that will suffer in the future ~
    It our family has a tradition ~ It is for reference only ~ It is as long as it is a dog (unless it is accidentally scratched) ~ Our family will not raise it anymore ~ ​​because our family will be raised anymore. We agreed that the blood of the dogs who bypassed the people changed ~ Although this idea is a bit strange ~ But it is still generally accepted by the people around me ~

  5. It may be that you are too coquettish to your pity. Don't get used to it too much, you can put it in the cage regardless of it for a few days. Don't ignore it, I believe that my temper should be better after a few days. I just discipline my Chihuahua. You must be cruel to it, otherwise you will hurt people sooner or later. You should pay attention. The dog has asked you, you must go to the hospital to see. I think it should not be very expensive, after all, you are very important!

    Forget admission! thanks

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